30 cans of Coke/Diet Coke £5.86 @ Costco from 13th Dec

30 cans of Coke/Diet Coke £5.86 @ Costco from 13th Dec

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I've just been to Costco and got the new offer booklet. They are doing a great deal on 30 cans of Coke and Diet Coke - £5.86
Less than 20p a can.
Limited to 5 purchases only.
Offer starts on Monday 13th and runs until 3rd Jan


Darn, was there at the weekend and bought some..heat added despite my disappointment!

does that price include VAT?
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Any idea if Cherry Coke will be included? thanks

+vat though?

If VAT is not included then cold slightly cheaper at tescos 24 for £5.50 with no subscription fees

we rarely see any posting about COSTCO. It's good for those who don't have a membership card, they can always get a friend to bring them whenever they hear of a good bargain..

Good to see Costco. I'm about to join this weekend!

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VAT is included in the price.

Not worth me going for just that. Place really isn't anything special and full of mugs. Don't get me wrong, I am a member.
Is Panasonic 42 inch g20 reduced? Was much higher than jl then plus the vat but people buy them like everything else.
Avoid their grit... my two bags had huge rocks in.....

That's why you won't see posts for Costco... membership and nothing special.

Good deal OP, Asda are now £5.88 for their 15 pack and Tesco are 24 cans for £6.

no costco isnt anything special however this deal is AMAZING. thankyou

plus vat

good deal, 19 ish pence per can

Nice. I need a trip to Costco before my membership expires. :o)
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