£30 cashback on First Direct credit card

£30 cashback on First Direct credit card

Found 23rd Aug 2017
Fancy bagging a free £30?

First Direct is offering £30 cash to First Direct current account customers who take out a credit card with the bank.

You can get the £30 in one of two ways:

  • Spending £500 or more on the card
  • Transferring an existing credit card of £500 or more to the card

Balance transfers

The card offers 27 months interest-free on balance transfers if you make the transfer in the first three months.

But there’s a BT fee of 2.29%, minimum £5.

If my calculations are correct the £30 cashback will cancel out the BT fee on transfers up to £1,310. If you transfer less than that you’ll be quids in; any more than £1,310 and you’ll pay to transfer the balance.

For example, if you transferred £500, the BT fee would be £11.45, leaving you with net £18.55 cashback.

Why I like this deal

Spend £500 on the card and get £30 cashback – what’s not to like?

However, it has a 18.9% APR on spending so make sure you repay the balance in full each month to avoid paying any interest.

But on the BT side of things, there are longer BT deals out there and several with zero fee – so find one that best suits your needs.

Things to note

You need to have a First Direct current account.

Be quick – this deal expires on 29 August.

You can't transfer balances between credit cards operated by members of the HSBC Group, including HSBC, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.
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Existing customers only. Can get m&s cashback and don't need to be exisiting customer. So cold
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