30 Days Of Night: Special Edition (2 Discs) DVD £1.79 delivered @ Shop To

30 Days Of Night: Special Edition (2 Discs) DVD £1.79 delivered @ Shop To

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Found 27th May 2011
Really good modern day take on vampires.

The problem with vampires is that, usually, they can't go out in daylight. That means that, however menacing they might be after sunset, when morning rolls around again, the heroes can just dig 'em up and stick a stake in them. 30 Days of Night sidesteps the whole daylight problem by setting its story in Barrow, Alaska, a town which is so far north that during the winter, the sun doesn't rise for a month at a stretch. It's such a perfect setting for vampires that it's almost shocking no-one's thought of it before now.

30 Days of Night has another trick up its sleeve, too. Its vampires aren't gothic hedonists who enjoy their claret out of jewelled goblets. Nope, these are vicious, nasty, brutal creatures who'd snap your neck as soon as look at you. They look terrifying, all misshapen foreheads and far too many teeth, and the creepy shrieking noise they make only makes it worse; they seem entirely inhuman. Barrow's isolated, blizzard-stricken location makes for a literally chilling atmosphere even before the monsters show up.

The plot loses its way towards the end, and the inevitable triumph of the heroes stretches logic to its limits, but the setting is original enough to make up for that. 30 Days of Night isn't a film you'll forget in a hurry.


Found this film to be surprisingly enjoyable. Excellent price, heat added!

do not watch on your own, very very sceary

One of the most scary things is Josh Hartnett's terrible acting.

The product description on the site seems to be for the sequel (dreadful).

is there a sequel?
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