30 Days Unlimited DVD rental + 6 months free cinema tickets
30 Days Unlimited DVD rental + 6 months free cinema tickets

30 Days Unlimited DVD rental + 6 months free cinema tickets

Hi all, I recently bought the KGB £0.99 deal for DVD rental. This has come through as a link that all can use so I thought I may as well share (nice like that). Enjoy.

The Empire Movie Club is the great new way to enjoy your choice of DVDs with exclusive access to Empire ratings, reviews and recommendations!

Choose from over 65,000 titles and avoid the hassle and expense of buying or renting from the High Street. Order your choice of Movies, TV series and more online – and the DVDs are sent/returned by post.

Try it today free for 30 Days and if you decide to join you'll get free cinema tickets for 6 months!*


*30 day dvd rental is free, you only get the free cinema tickets if you subscribe for atleast one paying month, and you also have to send a form recorded delivery (technically not a freebie then)

Free cinema tix only valid on a monday, at cineworld and is limited to one a month.

Empire Movie Club is administered by Outnow.co.uk which hasnt had the most favorable of reviews

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How to Claim your reward.

1. Following your free trial period subscription, should you confirm your subscription you will receive an application form via the post.
2. Complete the application form in full and post it to the address indicated on the form. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery therefore you may choose to use recorded delivery for your application.
3. You will receive 6 codes via e-mail within 28 days of receipt of your application, each code is valid for online bookings for films showing on a Monday only at participating Cineworld Cinemas for one calendar month, each code lasts for one month and subsequent codes are valid for subsequent months (i.e. if you receive your codes in March, one will be valid in April, one in May, one in June etc until September).
4. Each code may be entered at cineworld.co.uk at the time of booking in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below
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