30 eggs reduced from £3.48 to £2 Asda

30 eggs reduced from £3.48 to £2 Asda

Found 20th Aug 2016
Picked up these today in my local Asda in Birchwood, Warrington. £3.48 down to £2 seems like a bloody good deal!


A cracking good deal X)

Eggcellent deal

I have no idea how I would use 30 eggs by their sell-by date

Eggs have so many different recepies and are very healthy . I used to buy 3-4 smaller 15 packs as it worked out cheaper

massively cold from me. they are from caged hens which shouldn't be allowed.

thats a cracking deal

Cadbury cream?

Not free-range

Finally one I go to

Great price but sadly not free range

I do understand however that it's ideal for a big family on a small budget so I won't vote cold.


You need to buy from Aldi they are always a £1 for 15 that way you know you are getting fresh eggs when you need them

personally dont use caged hen eggs but understand those who may need to watch the pennies buying. if you follow slimming world you could easily get through these in a week lol

Well to the people who moan they are not barn eggs.

All the supermarkets will soon be only selling barn eggs.

I do hope you are all glad to pay double the price for them, for which the chickens will still be semi-caged and managed to produce as many eggs as possible.

From people's houses you can get half a dozen free range eggs
for about 70p! Far cheaper and many people keep hens now and sell the eggs. Cash in the pocket!
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All the supermarkets will soon be only selling barn eggs.

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