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30+ Free Udemy Courses
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30+ Free Udemy Courses

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Posted 20th Mar

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I had an email today from one of the course instructors I have a course with saying he is giving away some of his courses for free!

"Yesterday, I wondered how I could help the world stuck at home (or soon to be) due to coronavirus quarantines and safety measures. Thousands around the world are now without a job and losing hope. What can I do?

Then it struck me, what better way than to offer my online courses to people - absolutely free.

I've never done anything like this before - but I think dramatic times call for dramatic action. I hope in any small way that me giving away many of my courses helps your situation.

Below you'll find most of my courses - absolutely free. The coupon code STAYHOME expire in just 2 days. So stock up now.

Please feel free to share with any friends and families in need.

Much love and we're in this together!




Premiere Pro CC - udemy.com/cou…OME

Photoshop CC - udemy.com/cou…OME

Lightroom CC - udemy.com/cou…OME

After Effects CC -udemy.com/cou…OME

InDesign CC - udemy.com/cou…OME

Audition CC - udemy.com/cou…on/


Udemy Course Masters - udemy.com/cou…rs/

YouTube Marketing - udemy.com/cou…se/

Content Marketing - udemy.com/cou…rs/

SEO Masterclass - udemy.com/cou…OME

WordPress for Beginners - udemy.com/cou…se/

Podcast Masterclass - udemy.com/cou…ss/

Digital Marketing Automation - udemy.com/cou…se/

Media Training & Camera Confidence - udemy.com/cou…ng/

Business Bootcamp - udemy.com/cou…mp/

Meditation for Entrepreneurs - udemy.com/cou…rs/


Video Production Bootcamp - udemy.com/cou…mp/

YouTube Masterclass - udemy.com/cou…ss/

Cinematography - udemy.com/cou…ng/

Complete Audio Production Course - udemy.com/cou…se/

Start Your Filmmaking Career - udemy.com/cou…se/

Wedding Videography - udemy.com/cou…gs/

Kinetic Typography - udemy.com/cou…se/


Start Your Photography Business - udemy.com/cou…se/

Wedding Photography - udemy.com/cou…se/

Photography for Kids - udemy.com/cou…se/

Food Photography - udemy.com/cou…hy/

Landscape Photography - udemy.com/cou…se/

Night Photography - udemy.com/cou…hy/

Street Photography - udemy.com/cou…al/

Portrait Photography - udemy.com/cou…se/

Travel Photography - udemy.com/cou…se/

Canon Photography - udemy.com/cou…se/

Landscape Photo Editing - udemy.com/cou…se/
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Well thats me learning Photography for the next month and then a month of learning how to edit them. Cheers OP!!
All its free thanks! Just apply code STAYHOME
Edited by: "twosameboys" 20th Mar
twosameboys20/03/2020 12:06

Only 8 it's free but thanks!

They are all free, you will have to add the coupon code manually for some of them as the links don't have the "&couponcode=STAYHOME" suffixed to them
You are GENIUS
Thanks, fancied boosting my InDesign knowlegy: it's been a while!
Thanks very much OP for posting....and Thanks also to Phil Ebiner for offering the courses free in the first place
I think the code has expired.
Can anyone confirm?

Yes I think youre right ......just tried and I get a "The coupon code entered has already been used." message
Confirmed. We are late...
It's saying code has already been used.
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