30% off 1 month Xbox Live £5.28 at PCGameSupply (US accounts)

30% off 1 month Xbox Live £5.28 at PCGameSupply (US accounts)

Found 2nd Jan 2018
Note: States for US accounts, if anyone is able to help re: whether this can be redeemed on UK accounts please add to thread.

Note: I’m aware some UK users are being offered one month for £1, but this doesn’t apply to everyone, so I figured this may help some people.
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For that price you may aswell buy from Microsoft!

Is this a joke

It's about £9 for 3 months typically, don't think ever paid more than £10 ever.
Oh dear i do hope this was a joke!
Just checked and £9.49 for 3 months, in and out of stock constantly. But if you are waiting till gold expires then it's your own fault if you have to pay more
I’m not an Xbox owner currently, but one month at a time is £7.99 is it not?
Ending early as I can’t be doing with notifications for messages that are frankly unhelpful.
I would've given heat for effort...hope they have some US PSN cards for sale soon
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