30% off Fresh turkey crowns at Aldi

30% off Fresh turkey crowns at Aldi

Found 23rd Dec 2014
30% off fresh Turkey Crows at Aldi, was only on the medium and extra Large in the Felixstowe Road Ipswich store


allready got ours but voted hot worth a gobble

Same in Barnsley this morning.

nice find op, heat added

50% off Whole and crowns at London Rd Brighton branch.

20% off in Anerley this afternoon.

wild goose chase !!

Yep definitely wild goose chase, nothing reduced in local store all normal prices

Any supermarket that has loads tonight will be doing the same...

Might be nipping round for one of those myself tomorrow, Booths hadn't picked my 23rd December order on time, was told it will arrive in store on the 4.30am delivery tomorrow instead. Clearly spent all their money on flash Christmas catalogues and not enough on logistics.

What is this new hybrid, turkey crows?


What is this new hybrid, turkey crows?

It does not matter If you're Black or White


Shocking..... I prefer my turkey pecking about in the yard!!

Same in Aldi in Liskeard, Cornwall

didnt know turkey wore crowns !

Last year someone 'in the know' said at 2pm on Xmas Eve or somewhen they were told to take it down to 50% off or 75% off nationwide, anyone know this year?

Same in sheffield use by 26th

Jesus was given a crown made of thorns... One made of Turkey would have been more comfortable and would perhaps have cheered people up while he was dragging his cross, hindsight is a wonderful thing.


same in worksop notts 50% off crowns and turkeys

Great, I've got a turkey becoming king shortly and hadn't had time to get my hands on the ceremonial headwear for the lil' fella yet .


Shocking..... I prefer my turkey pecking about in the yard!!

is that a euphemism?

They'll be loads of these threads tomorrow

50% off all turkeys and selected xmas party packs in kings lynn this am...

Turkey holocaust


Turkey holocaust

Agree...... Quorn roast for our dinner tomorrow

well, 50% off its probably all its worth withe the amount of bones included - hidden! that have nothing to do with the crown!!!
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