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Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven (and other ovens discounted) - £349.30 @ Ooni

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For a limited time only, we're giving you up to 30% off on selected ovens, oven bundles and accessories, including our fantastic Fyra 12, and our gas-powered favourites Koda 12 & Koda 16!

Full sale range here: Flash Sale — Ooni United Kingdom

Here are some of the prices (these are all 30% off):

Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12 Essentials Bundle

Ooni Koda 16 Essentials Bundle

Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
ooni More details at
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  1. Mrlossy's avatar
    The dough is easy! Patience is the essence... 600ml water, 1 sachet yeast, bit of honey or sugar and a dash of olive oil. I use a Kitchen Aid to mix, leave rest for about 15 mins covered and then cut into 250g ball (should get 6 and a bit). Always make sure not to break the gluten when working with the dough. Testco finest type 00 flour, Waitrose the same or Sainsburys. Always type 00! Leave the balls about 6 hours in a sealed container and they'll be easy to work with. Make sure you flour them well before stretching. They should be perfect and easy to work with :-)! 1KG of flour! (edited)
    Daryl_Edwards's avatar
    Always 00 but I would try doing poolish and then hand kneading your dough at 60-65% hydration. Dough I find not so great out of a mixer and I don’t flour before stretching as the flour burns easily and effects hydration. Either way if it’s suits you that way then you do it, it’s a lot of fun trying different ways too, like biga dough.

  2. Nino1's avatar
    How much is a gas canister roughly for one of these ovens?
    inertia's avatar
    Get a free one off Facebook, local ads.

    a 5kg swap costs me £23 and lasts me most of the summer. A 13kg is nearly £50 but will last a year easily ( doesn’t fit in my pizza oven storage though) (edited)
  3. camthescot's avatar
    Great deal with 5 yr direct warranty and free postage! 🔥🔥🔥
    robocop999's avatar
    The 5 year warranty can be applied to purchases from anywhere...you just register the Ooni on their website.
  4. Mebster's avatar
    Anyone know of a decent cover for the Koda 16 which doesn't cost £45.

    Would be good to get advice on a good non-ooni branded peel also.
    martinspoon's avatar
    martinspoon Author
    There are fewer options at 16", I work with 12" only. I find Ooni's stuff too heavy and fussy.

    I like a thin light wooden peel for prep and launching into the oven. I have this one: souschef.co.uk/pro…eel

    Then for turning it in the oven, I use Ooni' pizza turning peel, it's expensive yes but good.

    Alternatively for turning and/or for pulling the pizza out once done, I like a metal one like this:
  5. kenzo's avatar
    Bbq witha lid and a pizza stone for anyone not wanting to spend silly money on making ur own quality pizzas 🏻
    martinspoon's avatar
    martinspoon Author
    You might get a reasonable pizza that way, but you will never replicate the conditions of a dedicated pizza oven in a BBQ. A lid isn't enough. Especially for Neopolitan style pizza. You can heat the stone fine but you'll never get enough heat coming down on top of the pizza.
  6. BustyB293's avatar
    The Wood pellet ones taste so much better than Gas, night and day. 
    salbero's avatar
    I've heard that this is not true as the pizza doesn't have time to get any woody/smokey taste to it as it cooks so quickly.... I wanted to get the Frya but all signs point to the Koda as being far superior
  7. goodmerm's avatar
    Upgraded to the Koda 16 from the Ooni 3, thanks. Worth it for the extra space and versatility I think (I hope!)
    martinspoon's avatar
    martinspoon Author
    Yea, I have an Ooni 2, have a few friends with the Koda 16 and they have no regrets. If I upgrade I don't think I'll actually make bigger pizzas all that often, I just want the space to move the pizza around more easily!
  8. stevieshoes's avatar
    Anyone got the modular table? Recommend??
    goodmerm's avatar
    I got the Pizzelo grill cart when it was on sale on Amazon, which is very good
  9. randomnut's avatar
    would anyone recommend the frya 12? or is gas better?
    daymouse's avatar
    Wood - better Smokey flavour but less convenient setting up as well as cleaning up after all the ash. Plus harder to control the temp and keep an eye on flames to make sure stays hot enough.

    Gas - not as good Smokey flavour but quicker to get going, no ash to sort out after and better heat control.

    Gone for gas myself as have a gas canister for the BBQ anyway!
  10. ikinaya's avatar
    This or the Roccbox ?
    Matholwch's avatar
    Depends if you want bigger pizzas.
    Roccbox is 12", Koda 16 is 16". Koda is £50 cheaper, but I reckon Roccbox heats up quicker and is more sheltered than the Koda. Koda is more portable and less clunky than Roccbox.
    If compating Roccbox with Koda 12, difference is £150, Koda 12 isn't as well insulated as Koda 16.

    If pizza size and portability doesn't matter, then go Roccbox over Koda 16.
  11. Rado16v's avatar
    Does the Koda 16 use a lot more gas than Koda 12?

    The Koda 12 will probably do us, just wondering if I should consider the 16.
    Rob2210's avatar
  12. salbero's avatar
    I'm regards to having somewhere to use the oven I saw Ooni selling units but again to save some money decided to make a unit for it by visiting the wood yard, just an idea for anyone wanting to save some cash approx £110 for materials and about 2-3 hours to put together
    martinspoon's avatar
    martinspoon Author
    Wow fast work!
  13. daymouse's avatar
    Thanks ordered Kona 12! Been waiting for some discount.
    Looking forward to actual decent Gluten Free pizzas at home!
    SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    Gluten free? You’ll have to let me know the secret
  14. Mike_Gibson's avatar
    Couldn't resist any longer! Can't wait to eat pizza every day!!
  15. crabby09's avatar
    Isn't there a trade in scheme as well? Do they stack?

    Was thinking about "biggening" my koda 12... though the additional gas usage puts me off, especially when the family can only manage a 12 inch each anyway... I just find the 12" a little difficult to work in - think I am going to try a turning peel first. (edited)
  16. pimpg69's avatar
    Really good offer. I have the karu 12 and almost always use gas, so may upgrade to this
  17. fisiksguy's avatar
    Wow great price for the koda 16. Wish I could justify upgrading
    robocop999's avatar
    Do it...there's your justification
  18. mancincheshire's avatar
    OMG amazing discount on the 16
  19. peassweet's avatar
    Thanks op(y)
  20. Daveshukd's avatar
    Thanks bought 16
    jimboo54's avatar
    Where are you going to put them all?
  21. benc6262's avatar
    I would be mad if I bought one using the 20% discount upgrade deal. Quality pizza ovens, but that timing is going to annoy a few people.
  22. rambo_or_mark's avatar
    pimpg69's avatar
    Looks good Rambo. How did you make your dough ?
  23. Trevisparky's avatar
    5 that’s a lot I only need 1
  24. martinspoon's avatar
    martinspoon Author
    A relatively rare 30% off offer on a number of their ovens and bundles, about as good as it gets since the price rises a few years ago. (edited)
  25. daz40's avatar
    Flash sale at ooni up to 30% off for the next 5 days some great bargains to be had
  26. daymouse's avatar
    Does anyone know how long Ooni take to dispatch and how quick delivery is?
  27. Rob2210's avatar
    Love a Koda 16 but still can’t get my dough right
    inertia's avatar
    make it 24 hours before - even better with a cold prove
  28. cyclone111's avatar
    Hey looks good what gas do you use?
    martinspoon's avatar
    martinspoon Author
    It's propane, comes with a patio gas or leisure gas fitting. You can convert it to a "standard" fitting for cheaper propane bottles if you really want to (I haven't but I know someone who has).
  29. Shenzo's avatar
    Anyone know where I can get a gas burner for the Onni 3? Can't find it anywhere at a decent price and don't want to buy another oven
  30. spanielgita's avatar
    I would love the Karu 16 but no sale on it.
    Matholwch's avatar
    Same here, but its massively overpriced. Been waiting for a Lakeland 20% off combined with an Ooni Lakeland sale.
  31. royals's avatar
    Yummy, spider and ant flavoured pizza
    spanielgita's avatar
    I fuel mines with charcoal and wood. Tough times I suppose.
  32. Gallacher_ne's avatar
    Shame they don't have a discount on the Volt 12
    leeuk321's avatar
    Yeah I could do with a 75% off coupon on one of those
  33. Phil_Blake's avatar
    HEAT, by the way
  34. guicane's avatar
    glad i waited!!
  35. jimx26's avatar
    Are the bundles worth getting or buying a No-name peel and cover?
    sim11's avatar
    TBF there are plenty of none branded shovels and peels on amazon for alot less than the ooni ones which will do equally as a good job.

    There are some links in this thread somewhere if you scroll through.
  36. sim11's avatar
    50268905-8zpKe.jpgIt would seem that according to Ooni butane gas can be used with this oven which might save people some cash, the only version of the Koda 16 that butane should not be used with is the 50mBar version, this Koda is the 37mBar so butane can be used. (edited)
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