30 Pack Haribo Party Mega Mix *24p Delivered*

30 Pack Haribo Party Mega Mix *24p Delivered*

Found 29th Jan 2007
Hello all!

get this 30 Pack Haribo Mega Mix for 24p using RCMVQR6PKB7Q code!

please use 3.99 delivery slot to get for this price!

happy eating!.. let me know if you need the number of a good dentist for afterwards

follow link and type in Haribo in the search and its the first one!
- findmeabargin
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yum! http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/party/party-smiley-017.gif
Offer on Haribo for half price runs out tomorrow, so only of any use if you can get delivery for then, which I doubt it at this hour.

but surely if you buy now and get it delivered for another time youll get the cheaper price!...
In truth the only post that was TRULY worthy of heat & rep was robertvan1's original post for the E-voucher itself. We now have a flood of posts saying 'buy some biscuits & get them delivered for pence', 'buy Ferrero Rocher chocs & get them delivered for pennys'...how many times are people gonna try & pick up some rep by listing one more item available for a quid & then scream 'it's a HotDeal!!!!!!' because it now costs pennies & it MAY get delivered to your door?

Over the different posts it seems like only a handful of people have thought this through.....
tonyd19565 - "It could also put the boot in for people who do not spend £20+ on groceries but like them delivered. OAP`s benefit from this type of offer and will be withdrawn if abused in such a pointless way"

lerryn - "Well I hope the biscuits taste great! What a waste of carbon!"

seancampbell - "No MOV as they charge £3.99 for delivery. -2p yet still wants credit card details.. I think I'll give this one a miss.. no point gambling on them honouring the code for the sake of some biscuits. last thing you want is to be charged the full £4.98 then have to quibble on phone to get it back."

gary_rip - "Voted cold. You could say this about any product!"

Everyone is free to do exactly what they want to with this, all I'm suggesting is to read these comments & THINK!
And remember to give credit where it's due...
Must resist the urge to Haribo...

The delivery man wouldnt be impressed with having to get out of his truck to hand a big child his sweets though.
No, unfortunately the price you pay is the price instore on the day of delivery.

This deal bores me! Voted Cold - haha

This deal bores me! Voted Cold - haha

LMAO :giggle:
Well said CHARLIETHIRTYTWO...bet the delivery drivers are well p****d off with things like this...dont bore us with more!!!!!!!deals!!!!!!!!! like this.
Respect to original post
I understand everyone saying about it not being hot because the code has already been posted but I want to thank findmeabargain for the headsup that haribo are on offer. I happen to have a delivery from Tesco coming tomorrow so have just added them to my order. Personally I always prefer the extra points codes to the money off ones anyway as I am trying to amass points to go towards a holiday.
voted cold.... waste ofspace!:x
Who wants a BIG bag of tooth rot anyways :whistling:
I agree, stop with the same bloody deal with a different product :lazy:
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