30 Selected Kindle Books for £1 Each via Amazon Local

30 Selected Kindle Books for £1 Each via Amazon Local

Found 20th Aug 2013
Seems a good deal for avid readers. Get up to 30 books from a selection for only £1 each. Many have got good reviews. Books are priced at £3.49 or £3.99 on Amazon.

Find your next new read in this selection of Kindle books for £1 each. Use this free voucher from Amazon Local to indulge in a whirlwind romance, a nail-biting adventure or a page turning mystery.

No Kindle required, simply download a free Kindle Reading App to enjoy the book on your phone, tablet or computer.

A free voucher to purchase up to 30 selected Kindle books for only £1 each

Lose yourself in Scandal's Mistress by CJ Archer, a romantic tale of wit, passion and drama set in repressive Elizabethan London

Uncover the truth of a gruesome murder mystery in Burning Man by Alan Russell, where the burns may have healed but the fire still haunts

Discover the chilling mysteries lurking beneath the surface of a seemingly quiet Icelandic town in Season of the Witch by Arni Thorarinsson

A mix of violence, power and politics are at play in The Leveling, a tale of espionage, intrigue and pulse-pounding action by Dan Mayland

14 days to claim the voucher.

A link to the book selection is in post #1 - thanks MattStan
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Books are listed here

Books are listed here

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