30 smoby watering cans £5
30 smoby watering cans £5

30 smoby watering cans £5

why i dont know - maybe if youve got loads of kids!!! or work in a school - or use ebay, but hey, its still a bargain!!!!


My kids will be happy (all 30 of them :giggle: )

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by you must be a busy boy!!!!

Think you need to add £5.50 for delivery

Don't forget these while you are here. "25 Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Bags - reduced from £50 to £4.99"..:giggle:

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you can also collect from store - thus saving £5.50 delivery - only if you live near there that is!!

whilst they have some good offers that seem to be coming up, there customer services isnt up to much in my experience so just hope everything goes ok..

This is great. I work in a nursery, and the kids absolutely love to water the garden, but we only have a few watering cans so they always fight over them. Cant thank u enough Hocka, voted HOT HOT HOT!!
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