300 Blu Ray £8.99 @ Play + 5% Discount & Quidco
300 Blu Ray £8.99 @ Play + 5% Discount & Quidco

300 Blu Ray £8.99 @ Play + 5% Discount & Quidco

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Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. The film brings Miller's (Sin City) acclaimed graphic novel to life by combining live action with virtual backgrounds that capture his distinct vision of this ancient historic tale.


best bluray i have ever seen/owned. didnt like the filter on the film on dvd, but on bluray it works, and the sound is amazing!

There is a new version of 300 coming to Blu-Ray.

]300: The Complete Experience (Blu-ray Book + Digital Copy and BD-Live) [Blu-ray]


Product Description

2 HOURS OF EXCLUSIVE EXTRA CONTENT - Prepare for Blu-ray glory and immerse yourself in the 300 experience as never before possible. THE COMPLETE 300: A COMPREHENSIVE IMMERSION - This NEW interactive picture-in-picture experience provides 3 unique perspectives to explore while you watch the film: * CREATING A LEGEND: Frank Miller and Zack Snyder Interpret a Classic Tale - Holding true to Frank Miller’s love of history and the importance of bringing a pure adaptation to screen in this tale-based account. * BRINGING THE LEGEND TO LIFE: Building a World From a Comic - Blending the most talented and creative minds together to bring Frank Miller’s art to life in cinematic form. * THE HISTORY BEHIND THE MYTH: The Real Story of The Hot Gates - A rich and historical perspective on the Spartans and this legendary landmark. PLUS A SPECIAL FEATURES ARMY: * WARNER BROS. BD-LIVE - Media Center; Live Community Screening; My WB Commentary. * Bluescreen Picture-In-Picture - Join Director Zack Snyder on a personal and fascinating commentary as he compares the Bluescreen composite to the feature. * Audio Commentary by Director Zack Snyder, Writer Kurt Johnstad and Director of Photography Larry Fong. * The 300- Fact or Fiction? - Historians, authors and filmmakers reveal how much of the movie is based on fact. (RT: 24:12) {HD} * Who Were The Spartans: The Warriors of 300 - The customs and ways of life of the Spartan used by the actors and filmmakers to build their characters. (RT: 6:00) {HD} * Preparing for Battle: The Original Test Footage - See how Frank Miller’s images were used in an video montage that evolved into the fight scene test and ultimately convinced the studio to make the movie. (RT: 6:10) {HD} * Frank Miller Tapes - We'll show how the outspoken Miller continued to push his limits to realize his epic graphic novel, 300, in the world of theatrical film. (RT: 13:00) {HD} * Making of 300 - A look at how the movie was made. (RT: 5:40) * Making 300 in Images - Rapid fire stills from the first day of production to the last. (RT 3:00) * Webisodes - Behind the scenes peeks on the set of 300. (RT: 20:00) - Production Design; Wardrobe; Stunt Work; Lena Headey; Adapting The Graphic Novel; Gerard Butler; Rodrigo Santoro; Training The Actors; Culture of The Sparta City/State; A Glimpse from the Set - Making 300 the Movie; Scene Studies from 300; Fantastic Characters of 300. * Additional Footage - Deleted Scenes with Introduction by Zack Snyder (RT: 5:31) {HD} 40-Page collectible book packaging includes a comprehensive walk-through of the new cutting-edge Blu-ray features, behind the scenes and production photos AND never-before-seen sketches from creator Frank Miller.

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Just purchased the new 300 blu ray from the USA. its an awesome package that is well worth the extra cash

Are we hotdealers? OR ARE WE SPART-ANS?


Just purchased the new 300 blu ray from the USA. its an awesome package … Just purchased the new 300 blu ray from the USA. its an awesome package that is well worth the extra cash

And it's also Region FREE so will work in any Blu-Ray player. :thumbsup:



Are we hotdealers? OR ARE WE SPART-ANS?


best looking film on Blu-Ray i've seen.

Top Flick!

Ordered with the Rac 5% discount. to get it even cheaper! For anyone who still doesn't think it works:

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ordered...never seen this movie but heard its great!

Love this film! Can't wait to see on blu-ray, I'm sure it looks brilliant, thanks for posting!

Great price. Just ordered a copy even cheaper for £8.54 with RAC discount. :thumbsup:


Is there any mention of the Spartans' childhood in this film?

Nice one, just ordered my first Blu ray and cant wait to test it out


Nice one, just ordered my first Blu ray and cant wait to test it out

Not sure if it's your type of film, but one of the best looking movies I have on blu-ray is The Dark Knight.

It's only £12.87 delivered from ]Blockbuster.

Ive seen 300 on DVD and its a top movie, but am sure its way better on Blu ray

Yeah a friend has Dark Knight on Blu ray but i already seen it in IMAX, although i could just borrow it later on.

anyones delivered yet? i've been waiting sinces tuesday 04/08/09


anyones delivered yet? i've been waiting sinces tuesday 04/08/09

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guess its gonna take ages to come to manchester

Received mine on saturday, They added a grainy kinda effect on the blu ray movie and i thought something was wrong with the tv or disk

But its there to give a artistic impression of some kind before people start to panic
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