300 bonus clubcard points when you buy any 5 of these products @ Tesco

300 bonus clubcard points when you buy any 5 of these products @ Tesco

Found 9th Mar 2011
300 extra clubcard points
when you buy any 5 products from our Clubcard bonanza section online.

Carlsberg Lager 10X440ml £8.69
Becks Vier 10X440ml £7.69
Brahma 12X330ml £10 (2for£16)
Tetleys Original Bitter 12X440ml £8.78
San Miguel 15X275ml £10 (2for£16)
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 12X330ml £13.97
Old Speckled Hen 9X355ml Bottle £12.19
Old Speckled Hen 10X440ml Can £12.26
John Smiths Extra Smooth 15X440ml Cans £10
John Smiths Bitter 24X440ml Cans £16.99
Guinness Original 12X440ml Cans £12.51
Coca Cola Regular 4 X 2 Ltrs Pack £5.94
Pepsi Diet 4 Pack £5.49
Tesco Finest Lamb, Sloe Gin And Potatoes 450G £5
Tesco Finest Restaurant Collection Chicken And Prawn Paella 800G £5.50
Tesco Finest* Chicken Kiev 475G £5
Tesco Finest Cooked Beef In Tomato And Wine Sauce 550G £5.50
Tesco Finest Meal Box For One Chicken Vindaloo 680G £6
Tesco Restaurant Collection Chicken En Croute 575G £6.50
Tesco Finest Restaurant Collection Duck A L'orange 600G £7
Tesco Finest Cassoulet 680G £7
Tesco Finest* Restaurant Collection Tian Of Lamb 600G £8
Tesco Finest Restaurant Collection Slow Cooked Lamb 705G £8
Tesco Finest Restaurant Collection Lamb Shanks With Vegetable Confit 1150G £10
Tesco Finest Restaurant Collection Beef Wellington 415G £10
Tesco Finest Indian Banquet For 2 1720G £10
Tesco Finest Hand Trimmed Rack Of Lamb £11.48
Tesco Finest Pork Leg Joint £8.22
Tesco Chocolate Parcel Celebration Cake £6.50
Nestle Funtastic Traybake £6
Cadbury Flake Cake £7.49
T Professional Yorkshire Pudding 4 Cup Pan 24X24x3cm £6.63
T Professional Deep Cake Pan Loose Base 20Cm £7.65
T Professional 12 Cup Bun Pan £8
T Professional Loaf Tray 23.5X13cm £7.65
T Professional Oven Tray 33.5X24.5Cm £8
T Professional Roasting Pan 28X21.5Cm £8
T Professional Oven Tray 40X29cm £10
T Professional Deep Square Cake Pan 21X21x7cm £7.14
T Professional Mini Flan Tin 2 Pack £6.12
T Professional Springform Cake Pan 23X7cm £8.25
T Professional Fluted Quiche Pan 25.5X3.5Cm £7.14
T Professional Sandwich Pan Loose Base 20Cm £6.89
T Professional Sandwich Pan Loose Base 20Cm £3.57
Tesco Rosebud Print Duvet Set King Size - Pink £18
Tesco Duvet Set Reversible Double Dark Natural £10
Tesco Bath Sheet White £8.98
Tesco Jkr17 Illuminating Kettle £14.97
Daffodils Bunch £2
Tesco 2 Slice Toaster Self Service 2T14ss/15Ss £14.98
Crayola Super Tips Bright 7509 £3.50
Sparkle&Glitz My First Make Up Set £3
Sparkle And Glitz Butterfly Bead Case £6
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I'm normally a sucker for ordering from tesco so that i can get points, but this deal works out PREEETTTYYY expensive to earn yourself 300 points! Good ol' days are long gone........
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