300 minutes + Unlimited texts + 500Mb data for £0.99 on Orange @ e2save
300 minutes + Unlimited texts + 500Mb data for £0.99 on Orange @ e2save

300 minutes + Unlimited texts + 500Mb data for £0.99 on Orange @ e2save

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This deal is good for those who just want to reduce their contract cost but have a phone they love. Phone is a cheap Nokia 1800.

The deal can be modified, the link shows the 3 options available all for 99p!!!

Only down side is this saving is only available through redemption, however e2save are really good at telling you which bills you need to post in to them. The details of the example tariff in the title is as follows:

Handset Cost: FREE
Network: Orange
Tariff: Canary £25 (24mths)
Includes: 300 mins + Unlimited texts + 500Mb data
Line rental: £25.54 per month
Effective cost: £0.99 per month
Contract 24 months
Offer: choose gift or 24 Months £0.99 by redemption
Saving: £589.20


Mind telling us where the deal is available?? Takes me back to HUKD if i click on the link...
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Bad beyond belief!

e2save good at redemption. Pfft... I wouldnt touch them again after the headache i had with reds on my last contract. Still just my opinion. :-)

The website is e2save.com

sounds complicated to me, so can anyone say how much you end up paying a month as it says add free gift aswell???

It looks like you can also choose an Lg GS101 on the same tariff.

When something is too good to be true. It IS too good to be true. Avoid unless you want to get your fingers burned. I will turn down the heat to stop other people getting their fingers burned.

Sounds like a headache waiting to happen to me (by redemption)



Aye, avoid redemption contracts.
Leave them to me and other peeps who know how to use them. (_;)

Don't forget £60 cash back via Quidco. Just recently taken out 2 contracts both tracked & paid. Had several redemption deals over the years, with no problems whatsoever, thro' e2save & onestopphoneshop. Essentially the same company, part of the Carphonewarehouse group. Fingers crossed the latest 2 will be the same.

Just my tuppence worth
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sounds complicated to me, so can anyone say how much you end up paying a … sounds complicated to me, so can anyone say how much you end up paying a month as it says add free gift aswell???

The cashback is the "free gift" - You pay the advertised tariff per month, £25.54 in this case, to Orange as per a normal contract. You then claim money back in from e2save at regular intervals over the 24 month contract. The cashback received makes the deal equivalent to the 99p per month advertised. I personally have had a few with no problems, you just need to be disciplined in sending the correct bills on time.

Add Quidco of £60 and your in profit

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I have had about 12 redemption deals over the last 6 year and had 2 go wrong , one company would not pay and one went bust , so cash back deals are not guaranteed , but saying that i am still running two cash back deals and have found that if you stick to the big well know companies and be very organised and also send everything recorded delivery then these deals can be very rewarding with a free phone and a free contract. If anyone does go for tbe deal print out there cash back t and c and the web pages showing the deal just in case, when you get your phone you also need to keep all the paperwork as usually the voucher you fill in asks for customer number and if the cashback deal says you need to send in vouchers then make sure you get them, also cancel there phone insurance and gadget line both are waste of money, with orange you are automatically charged £1.50 for paper bills but if you sign up online you can download them for free, most impprtant is if you dont understand which bill to send then check there online help section and if still no clear email , so there is a lot to do but i feel can be worth it

Some of the people posting here haven't seen how much things have changed on cashbacks since Ofcom created a set of rules that have to be followed.

e2save has, shall we say, a certain reputation, but the fact remains that it's part of Carphone Warehouse, it's unlikely to fail, and the reputation's based mainly, if not entirely, on past history.

This deal is a whole lot better than some of the posters here think it is.

Actually, looking at this a bit further, this is probably one of the best deals on HUKD for anyone who doesn't need a new phone.

Think about it. £24 in total for 24 months, each month with:

300 mins + Unlimited texts + 500Mb data

Not only that - you get a cheapo Nokia phone, but you can also pick up £46 from Topcashback. So over the 24 months you actually make a profit of £22 + a Nokia 1800.

Cashback these days is much less uncertain than it was after Ofcom intervened, and if you're organised there's no reason at all why you should have any problem with this one. I've never failed yet to get the full cashback due from e2save, and that was BEFORE Ofcom got involved.

This is an almost unbeatable deal, and I'm amazed at the negativity from people who really know very little about the changes in the way cashback deals are now regulated.

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