£3.00 -- The Last Samurai (Two Disc Edition) [2003] [DVD] [2004]-- Instore at tescos only

£3.00 -- The Last Samurai (Two Disc Edition) [2003] [DVD] [2004]-- Instore at tescos only

Found 15th Sep 2009Made hot 15th Sep 2009
***** It is available on ebay /amazon like new at around £3.98 again, but this is brand new ******

***** A worthwhile DVD edition for your Tom Cruise collection I should think :)) *****

Detailed item info

Captain Nathan Algren served in the American Civil War where he risked his life for his country. He served out his career in the West where the battle was with Indians and it was here that he became disillusioned and lost. In a far-off land a celebrated Samurai warrior, Katsumoto, is learning about change. A life of service to the Emperor and the country is being replaced with survival in a time of modernisation. Fate has it that both men will face each other and make a stand against those that would threaten honour and values. Captain Nathan Algren is employed to train a group of Japanese conscripts who will replace the Samurai warrior. But he is captured by the Samurai, an enemy he comes to respect and for whom he is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Cracking Movie...great price

They had these in Poundland :thumbsup:

Might still be available. :?

A fairly good film up until that appallingly cheeseball ending.

Worth £3 though. Heat added.

A great film, always brings tears to my eyes at the scene when the Samurai teaches him a lesson but Tom just doesn't stay down and the respect starts to grow. Then at the end when they all ride out and get shot at. A great scene.

Seen it for £2.00 last night in Morrisons.
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