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Refurbished Lenovo X201 Intel i5 2.4Ghz Laptop - 4Gb - 160Gb - Wi Fi - Windows 7 (No Touchpad) + FREE 16GB PEN DRIVE £84.98 +£5.49 postage - £90.47 @ 3000rpm
Found 9th Dec 2015Found 9th Dec 2015
I have put up a few deals from them from there newsletter and got a lot of heat so incase this helps anyone (I also just ordered another for the father in law) I previously have b… Read more
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I know this is an old thread but I would be wary of buying anything from this company. I just received an email from them saying they're closing down and have gone into liquidation. Looking online they're insolvent, I guess you can't sell laptops so cheap and sustain a business.. Hopefully no one is waiting on refunds or expecting to claim on any warranty.


Ditto. Been getting a deaf ear on the live chat too.


I am a bit concerned that I have still not received an order confirmation and they haven't responded to my email.


I ordered quite a few laptops from there, but fell out of love when a Grade C, 0GB laptop was completely DOA (bought an SSD in preparation for its arrival, after seeing others comment that 0GB means dead hard drive). SCC refused to accept a return, so I was stuck with it.


There used to be some decent bargains at scc trade, now everything there is a complete rip off, battered c grade laptops >£100. Don't know why they started overpricing things so much.

Lenovo X201 Intel i5 2.4Ghz Laptop - 8Gb - 160Gb  £114.98 + £5.49 del (£120.47) @ 3000rpm
Found 2nd Oct 2015Found 2nd Oct 2015
different to previous post as has 8gb of ram and is still in stock. Grab a bargain before it runs out
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This is a great laptop. Pity it's sold out.


It means 'no touchpad'. There isn't one. There is a little red tracking button for cursor movement.


What does it mean in the description "No Touchpad"? Meaning it dont work or something else i may have missed :|





Refurbished Lenovo X201 Intel i5 2.4Ghz Laptop - 4Gb - 160Gb - Wi Fi - Windows 7 + FREE 16GB PEN DRIVE £84.98 +  £5.49 postage @ 3000rpm
Found 2nd Oct 2015Found 2nd Oct 2015
Just got an email from this site with this amazing price on refurbed Lenovo laptop. I dont need one the now as got one last time but the price seems silly cheap for what they are?… Read more
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any one on this thread help me out? i need another laptop as the kids are now using the one we have for home work so much its crazy..... No point in just getting a cheap low spec one as if they are using this one then i might be on the spare one encoding a dvd or something was thinking along the lines of a E6420(about £170) or E6320(£200ish) as they are both running 2nd gen i5's i believe? Anything else i should be looking at as the refurb world of laptops is mind blowing............. thanks think the only difference is the screen size?


I bought 8GB model but received 4GB. Otherwise this looks pristine. Battery life looks good. Asking if they could ship me the missing memory


I think it must've just came loose when it was shipped. Everything seems to be working okay now



Looks like mine has a faulty HDD. Not happy

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Refurb IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Intel i5 2.40Ghz Laptop - 4Gb - Wi Fi - Webcam - Win 7 £168.97 Delivered @ 3000RPM.COM
Found 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
Thought this to be a decent deal £164.98 + £3.99 Delivery so ordered one Upgrades also available for additional costs Please note that while 90% of our laptops arrive next day, th… Read more
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Which gen i5 is this?


Hmm..I bought a refurb X201 that turned out to have a recalled battery. When I tried to get the replacement, I was told it had already been claimed!


I bought a refurb Thinkpad with a recalled battery. When I try to claim the replacement battery, I was told it had already been ordered (by a previous owner?)


There's a few decent condition refurb t420s on Amazon through third party sellers for £190. Seems like a better option for not much more.


Could anyone tell me if this would be up to running Dreamweaver and other code related programmes? Obviously when this came out it was a top spec machine but would it be worse than a Chromebook nowadays?

Refurbished IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Intel i5 2.40Ghz Laptop - 4Gb - Wi Fi - Webcam - Win 7 £179.98 @ 3000rpm
Found 22nd Jan 2015Found 22nd Jan 2015
this makes a great backup laptop Model IBM T410 Laptop CPU / Processor Intel i5 2.40Ghz Hard Drive Size 160GB as standard ) RAM / Memory Size 4GB Optical Drive(s) CD/DVD Writer We… Read more

True, the usual executives that use the Xseries won't be as computer literate than sending emails and reading powerpoints. And when used at work its usually on a docking station with an external keyboard/mouse.


In my experience ,ost of the problems suffered by low end laptops in their first year are down to they poor build quality - breakages often not covered by a warranty involving heavy handed children etc. Hence these units are ideal for that environment, I find them extremely robust - these lenovo T and X units are standard issue in my workplace - and last very well. In most cases they just travel between desks and are used for not much more than email.


Having used Thinkpad from the 486 CPU running OS/2 or Windows 3.1 to T61 in a corporate environment the range of condition of a laptop after 3 or 4 years is huge, ranging to pristine as it left the factory to battle worn. It all depends on the seller and the grading of what you get and after sales service. I would not say £180 is a good deal relative to a brand new machine, may be £100 to £120. The maths is, you forsake , against a new machine, one year warranty (£20-£50), battery (£20-£50), harddisk (£20-£40 possibly replace with SSD), USB 3 (£10-£15). However the chassis is strong as it is typically metal, so it can withstand knocks, and it may have expresscard port which comes in handy to get USB 3 (£10-£15). SO may be better to buy £200 - £300 brand new or refurb new-ish i3 laptop.


"conveniently"? Are you a little paranoid? Why would I conveniently miss out any comment on my own convenient omissions? What detriment to the use of a laptop is a "shiny keyboard"? Really? It's a refurb - it will have obvious signs of use. When I purchased my X201 from SCC I received a charger with it. However, I wasn't posting SCC as a "Hotdeal" merely an alternative to the OP in response to another post. 2nd hand RAM and charger would bring the price to no more than the OP. And, no, £20 - £30 for a new battery is not a significant amount, because the one thing that will probably be at the end of it's life with any of these products is the battery. I guess "cheap" is another matter of opinion and/or circumstances. Another bonus for these units over the less expensive new ones available is that they can actually be repaired fairly easily and parts are readily available. Maybe the problem is with "all black" opinions like yours.


Love how you conveniently left out any comment about how you conveniently left out the part about the missing charger... :) They are all cheap, battery, charger, memory... :) £20-£30 for a Chinese battery doesn't look cheap to me, and it's more than 20% of the price you paid for the laptop... so quite significant. Yet you managed to sneak some sarcasm in there... nobody said the world ends...

Lenovo T420 Intel i5-2520M at 3000rpm £202.73 refurbished delivered
Found 18th Jan 2015Found 18th Jan 2015
I bought a different i5 model from 3000rpm a couple of months ago. Great machines for the price. Had a couple of hiccups. When I reported it to 3000rpm, they had it back and it was… Read more
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check out 'Teir1 Online' bought a as new one from there.


Bought the same model last January off these with a 3 month warranty.It lasted exactly 3 months and 1 week then died.To start with the web cam never worked (last year it was advertized with a web cam) and trying to get any after sales service was hopeless.Then it failed to start up full stop.I have taken it to two different repair shops for estimates,1 says £65.00 the other £75.00, apparently it's the motherboard.Price last January looking at my receipt was £204.96 but came with a free 32GB pen drive.Condition of mine was far from great and it is now just gathering dust under the coffee table, dead as a door nail! If any doubter wants to see a scan of my 3000RPM receipt, I will post.


I have never bought a laptop from this company, but I have used them many times over the years, for lots of other things. I am retired now, but I use to have a small business. I used 3000rpm as a stop gap for some supplies. Very rare I had a problem, but a quick email would sort any issue out.


Buy through their eBay shop if possible. You get a better condition machine as there is come back on their rating if there customers aren't happy.


very bad company they will be send some rubbish and later on they will say the item was state as refurbished

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Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Intel i5-3320M 2.60Ghz Laptop - Windows 7 Pro £279.98 @ 3000rpm
Found 5th Dec 2014Found 5th Dec 2014
8Gb - 320Gb - Wi Fi - Webcam - got an email from 3000rpm in dundee about taking £50 off, was £100 off week before an additional £20 off so reduced by £170 so its now down to £27… Read more
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Got quite excited then read this and other threads on 3000rpm's service and am now going to avoid https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/refurbished-lenovo-i5-laptops-x201-t410-t510-x220-t420-x230-t430-from-only-129-98-2052036


Heat added - I have missed my thinkpad T420 I had through work now that I have returned to university but simply couldn't afford to buy one . I am really tempted to buy this but jut had a question or two I hope one of you guys with a bit of laptop knowledge may be able to answer? Should I assume that I still need to purchase Microsoft office for this laptop? With it being a refurb, do you think the battery life is with the battery provided will be poor? Thanks in advance :)


This should be hotter. £280 for what was essentially Lenovo's top of the line business grade laptop with pretty decent specs is a good price. The only concern is with the "XGA TFT" -- that's bound to be inaccurate since no one has done actual XGA, 4:3 aspect, displays since 2008 or so. It would've been nice to have the Lenovo machine type/model in the description so we could check the specs for ourselves. More than likely it's WXGA i.e. 1366x768 though which is sad.


What are 3000 rpm like to dwal with


Another tenner for 500gb hard drive sounds a good upgrade

**REFURBISHED** Lenovo /8GB/ i5 processor £209.98 Delivered at 3000 RPM
Found 15th Nov 2014Found 15th Nov 2014
This Lenovo T410 features a blistering fast Intel i5 dual core processor and huge 8GB of memory to to create one of our most powerful laptops to date. It is then wrapped in one of … Read more
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Whenever I see a post like this, with just i5 without CPU model written I always think it must be first gen and doing a quick google search reveals that is indeed the case.


First generation of i5.


Already posted here https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/refurbished-lenovo-i5-laptops-x201-t410-t510-x220-t420-x230-t430-from-only-129-98-2052036


Thanks for your deal. I've added the image for you :)

Refurbished Lenovo i5 laptops X201 / T410 / T510 / X220 / T420 / X230 / T430 from only £129.98 @ 3000rpm.com
Found 15th Nov 2014Found 15th Nov 2014
Just got an email from this site with the prices on refurbed Lenovo laptops. I previously posted a deal a couple of months ago and got mega heat but this time all of them are redu… Read more
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got mines today and its not the T430 model but actually the T430s which is the slimmer model with all the same specification and its in my mind a Grade A machine, i will upload some pics very soon!!


But surely the fact they have some premises is a good thing?! The address and telephone numbers are on the find us and customer services pages of their site. I've never used them so can't comment but all in all a physical shop and full contact details are a good sign. Plenty of people on ebay selling from their bedrooms with contact names which look like something has been dropped on their keyboards who would offer zero aftersales.


"3000rpm.com", no contact telephone number, no address details and this is their "headquaters" https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@56.4594541,-2.9781882,3a,75y,160.27h,83.62t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sFC5Pa7pIKHXR_NtcATnZIw!2e0 So basically it's some bloke running small shop on the corner. Thanks, but no.


Update on the 2 minor complaints from my above post: 1) I bought a new (unofficial) 9-cell battery from an Amazon vendor for £40. It holds something like 7 hours of charge! 2) Having bought the new battery I found I started to care about the unofficial charger. I emailed 3000RPM to say I was happy with the laptop but wanted the 'genuine' charger as it was described on the product page. I had a reply the next day and a brand new, official Lenovo charger has arrived today, so now I have a brand new genuine charger and a spare unofficial charger! After just over a week with the laptop, I am really happy with the purchase. A real bargain for quite a powerful and portable machine. The only thing I've found on it that doesn't work is the "ThinkLight" - an LED above the screen that shines on the keyboard apparently! Sounds like a pretty silly feature to me so am happy for that to be the sacrificial fault with the machine! Sorry to hear others have had bad experiences like the thing turning up with wrong RAM or not turning up at all, but it seems only fair to the retailer to point out that my experience has been really good.


Mine still hasn't arrived. I've had to reverse the charges on my credit card. Fake signature from the courier, description of a person who doesn't live in my address, 3000rpm unwilling to refund and deal with the courier themselves.

Refurbished Lenovo i5 laptops X201 / T410 / X220 / T420 from only £149.98 @ 3000rpm.com
Found 5th Sep 2014Found 5th Sep 2014
Just got an email from this site with the prices on refurbed Lenovo laptops. I dont need one but well thinking of getting a backup as the price seems pretty cheap for what they ar… Read more
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Hi Guys , I became disabled in 2011 after a spinal op failed to cure my problem , - I'd never had a hobby before and decided that Photography would be the way to go . Luckily I was given voluntary redundancy , bought myself as good a camera as I could afford , knowing nothing about them - I eventually chose a Nikon D7000 . Next item on the list was a laptop for Photo Editing . I was as clueless about laptops as I was about cameras , but I did a little research [ I have done more since !! ] and found a Lenovo T410 8GB , 1TB i5 for sale at 3000rpm . I saw it was a Dundee company and thought that if things went completely wrong I could actually drive there in 5 hours and confront them face to face . Laptop arrived within 3 days - would not power up Windows !! Phoned them up , some guy on the other end said ' Send us a ticket ! ' - and that was all . I sent them an email , quite an angry email . I received an email telling me to return it . Now this is what I find frustrating about 3000rpm , nothing is that straightforward but I managed to figure out their Returns System and phoned them up 3 times , the 3rd time I got through to the work shop and a VERY FRIENDLY HELPFUL GUY talked to me . Now I was reassured . I'm a simple man , I'm happy when I'm reassured . I sent it back and within 3 days it was returned to me fully working . That was February 2014 - it's now 6/1/2015 and it's still going strong - I love it . That was MY experience of 3000rpm , - would I deal with them again ? - Certainly !! Everyone has off days , people are busy , people are answering phones and emails . What I would do if I ran 3000rpm is have someone friendly and helpful on the other end of the phone , maybe two or three people , a dedicated person who will reassure the customer that his / her problem will be dealt with within 5 days . I am now looking to upgrade my laptop later on this year - I would prefer it if it was a Lenovo Thinkpad , it would probably have to be customised - I've seen 1 or 2 to my liking but still can not decide for sure as I keep changing my mind . Something with 12-16gb ram , 1.5 - 2tb or maybe 512gb ssd . 15.6" screen or bigger . Any suggestions most welcome !!


A bit late what? As it happens i had a great experience, but your mileage may vary....


Please for your own sanity avoid these people! I had a dreadful experience with them.


We ordered from Scan after reading this thread! Next day delivery, some scratches to the lid and the pointer looks a bit grubby, but seems pretty sound. Battery has 102 cycles. No sign of any drop damage or anything like some of the posts above.


I bought it off eBay brand new, It's a "55++". Unsure it would work with your x220, you would have to check, here's the link anyway. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Lenovo-9-cell-Battery-for-ThinkPad-L410-T410-T510-T520i-42T4801-57Y4186-/400687173689?pt=UK_Computing_LaptopsAccessories_LaptopBatteries&hash=item5d4ad11039

IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Intel i5 2.40Ghz Laptop - 4Gb - 320Gb - Wi Fi - Webcam - Win 7  (Refurb) @ 3000rpm Price: £209.98
Found 12th Apr 2014Found 12th Apr 2014
Please note that while 90% of our laptops arrive next day, there may be a 2 - 3 day lead time so we can check the quality of each laptop before dispatch. The next day delivery meth… Read more
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DisplayPort to HDMI adapter - I understand that some don't work but this one did for me eBay Link I have the nvidia T410 and was running the latest Mint OS.


:p tempted! thought to order one for dad


Arrived yesterday, 4 days after estimate, 10 days after purchase, not impressed with communication. If i hadn't phoned I'd have been left guessing what was happening, there was no email or ebay communication. Very pleased with laptop, 2 small scratches on the lid(not painted) otherwise could be new. Even given the poor communication I'd buy again. Now where can i get a cheap docking station to get a decent display attached when I'm at my desk? P.S. battery says it's been through 68 cycles, too few for the age of the laptop, too many for a new one, maybe the original owner did the exchange with lenovo, will investigate.


Ha - I see what you mean - well, the rest is good. There are laptops where everything is bad ;)


It it too old to be Windows 8 compatible?

3000rpm Medusa Overclocked i5 Haswell Water Cooled Desktop PC System £1099
Found 8th Mar 2014Found 8th Mar 2014
Ive been looking for a new PC so i can play the latest COD for the last 2 weeks and came across this one,looks good to me but i need info from u guys to see if its a good deal or n… Read more
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How much is this? I can't see the price.


well, if it is running at 5ghz and doesnt break down within a year it's a decent deal. but i very much doubt it.


my guess is that they meant 4.5ghz.


I can vouch for the sapphire 7950. I have one and I am running it past 7970 stock speeds without the cooler breaking a sweat


I think its a bit overpriced i don't know the exact price of the components but roughly it seems about 200£?

Amazing price for Epson T1285 Compatible 4 Ink Cart Cartridge Set £3 (£15 spend plus postage)@ 3000rpm
Found 5th Feb 2014Found 5th Feb 2014
Hello Everybody, I just cant wait to share this fantastic price of a full set Epson T1285 Compatible 4 Ink Cartridge. They normally sell about £30 for the full set, but I used to… Read more
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It's gone cold because a. you can't buy a set at the price stated in your deal - you have to buy 5 b. you didn't include postage. c. you can probably get them cheaper on Ebay


I am pretty confused why this goes so much cold ? I think also i need to learn how hot uk deal system actually work. Feeling really stupid...!!!


What's this about reset chips etc? I put some 3rd party cartridges in my Epson BX935FWD, worked out about £1 each if I got 4 of each colour at the time. They work, printer doesn't say they're non genuine, but don't seem to last that long (but I've not got a point of reference) Have I missed something? :|


I'd recommend weighing compatible carts as some suppliers under fill them, which can cause blockages when they run dry. I switched to using refillables with my epson after a set of jettec compatible ran out of ink before showing empty and I ended up wasting an entire new set trying to clear the airlocks. If I was buying a new set of refillables, I'd favour ones with reset buttons on them so I didn't have to wait for the auto reset chip to reset before refilling, such as these - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NON-OEM-Set-refillable-cartridge-for-epson-SX235W-SX420W-SX425W-SX435W-SX445W-/251137486125?pt=UK_CamerasPhoto_Printing_PrinterInkCatridges_JN&hash=item3a78f5ed2d


It's never really been about warranty issues - the printer is often sold at little more than the price of a set of inks, so we can see exactly where they plan to make their profit. A full set of Canon ink for my Canon MG6150 is around £100 - what a joke! I bought a chip resetter and refilled original carts. Now the compatibles have caught up with the model, I can use those.

Refurbished - IBM T410 Intel i5 2.67Ghz Laptop- 3000rpm Dundee £198.97
Found 28th Jan 2014Found 28th Jan 2014
3000RPM refurbished laptops come with a full 30 day warranty which can be extended to 3 or 6 month warranty. Model IBM T410 Laptop CPU / Processor Intel i5 2.67Ghz Hard Drive Size … Read more
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Ah, ok. That sounds worse than I realised. Don't think I'll bother.


As you say, it's pot luck what you get. There was another thread that was deleted and the majority seemed to have laptops with significant wear to keyboard ,touchpad and damaged bezels. The one I returned was well worn, and casing was scratched. All this and the wrong spec! Only a few seemed happy with what they got.. Risk it if you want :)


Whilst I agree that the poor customer service and (what seems like) false advertising is unacceptable, personally I would not be too bothered if they sent me a 2.4Ghz CPU instead of a 2.6Ghz. Especially when the laptop is so cheap in the first place. So with this in mind the question is 'is this laptop worth the gamble?'. How different was the spec of the laptop from what was advertised? Apart from the spec being wrong what is the overall condition of the laptop like? I read somewhere that the condition varies a lot and it's pot luck what you get.


Somebody needs too inform Trading Standards, I never received my replacement hard drive upgrade because of them sending me the wrong specification laptop as advertised, despite loads of email promises from 3000RPM, they just get fobbing me off with excuse after excuse. What a bunch of pirates these guys are! Buyers Beware!


Has anyone who had problems with this deal taken it further? - bad reviews/complaints to fair trading etc.

Blue LED Illuminated keyboard  for £9.67 @ 3000RPM + £2.75 Delivery.
Found 8th Jan 2013Found 8th Jan 2013
Yes, it is Sumivision. Don't expect wonders. But for £9.67, it is very sleek and reliable. Just do as I did and colour in the Sumivision logo with a marker. This is a trusted … Read more
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yep, just got postage label going back today and they will sent another one or refund


ahh man, sorry to hear. They'll RMA it no problem. I use mines everyday and it's been going strong!


I received mine yesterday, looks fine plugged in all good, after 12hrs use 8 on num pad stuck, back for replacement


Hot from me... just what I've been looking for


I'm still using mines, and it works like a dream.:D

Dell Vostro 220 PC System E5200 Dual Core Processor / 1GB / 160GB / Vista / 19 inch Monitor Refurbished @ 3000RPM £248.00
Found 18th Oct 2012Found 18th Oct 2012
DELL Vostro 220 Mini Tower Desktop Featuring: Intel Dual Core E5200 CPU 1GB RAM Memory DVD ROM 19" Monitor Mouse & Keyboard included. Designed and Built for Small Busines… Read more
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There's a brand new Dell Vostro 260 for £185 at the moment, so that leaves plenty for a cheap monitor and the spend will be much the same as this deal (or less) so you'd be a loony to buy this deal. Sorry OP it's COLD


And you currently save £0.04, result.


If you're after a cheap desktop op then I recommend you look at this. Granted no monitor or OS but it's under £150, and you could easily find a monitor for £50 and then you have £50 to play with to get an OS


coooold old core2duo and vista not a brilliant mix


What a fabulous deal this can run all the latest games on very high settings at extremely high resolutions.

Traxdata Ritek Full Face White Inkjet Printable DVD-R 8x 4.7GB / 120 Minutes Black Discs 50 Pack £7.51 @ 3000rpm
Found 11th Jul 2012Found 11th Jul 2012
Get on these more you buy more you save :)

Great company, they sell inks for about £1 each also


I use this company all the time but through Ebay. These are £8.98 with free delivery and work out cheaper going through Ebay than their website itself: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50-Ritek-Sumvision-Blank-DVD-R-8x-G05-FF-Printable-Disc-/170875417223?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item27c8f7f287


plus delivery, therefore the price needs amending to reflect that

Epson Stylus SX535WD Wireless Printer £60.00 @ 3000rpm
Found 26th Jun 2012Found 26th Jun 2012
Sorry for the lack of information as this is the first time using hotukdeals.com with delivery charges printer is very reasonable, also "Which magazine" has recommended it too...th… Read more

Why is this expired?


Great Printer and price BUT CHEAP INK ??????? be aware must have sold the originals


reasonable price for this model. have used these guys before. very cheap compatible ink for epson and other inks. They are based in Dundee, Scotland.


i have used these guys for media in the past, heat from me


get a new pc when your on that site, i see pictures and colour on it

Verbatim 32gb 2.0 usb flash drive - 3000rpm.com £11.98 + £2.75 postage
Found 12th May 2012Found 12th May 2012
I know i have posted a few deals for them but i get a newsletter and this seems cheap. well its a USB flash drive 32gb for under £15 delivered and from a named company as well - v… Read more

just to verify the quality of this drive, i bought this exact pen drive about 2 months ago for £17 and it's just been through the washing machine and tumble dryer and still has all the info i stored on it. excellent value IMO


Isn't it a bit of a false economy buying USB2 memory sticks when USB3 ones are 10x faster and there's hardly any difference in the price? Even if you don't have a USB3 port now, your next computer definitely will and 32GB will probably still be useful for the next couple of years.


The most reliable USB pen drives I have ever owned, much better than Kingston, busbi, transcend and a few others. Also the read/write speeds on these verbatims are usually faster than advertised.


Doesn't seem to be very well made and as the previous poster has said £12.99 delivered on Amazon !


Verbatim 49064 32GB PinStripe USB Drive Black Amazon: £12.99 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Verbatim-49064-PinStripe-Drive-Black/dp/B002W5GM9O