300g After Eight £1 @ ASDA

300g After Eight £1 @ ASDA

Found 16th May 2011Made hot 16th May 2011
Were £1.50
I have NEVER seen them this cheap!

it is Nationwide, instore or Asda.com

£3.05 at Sainsbury's, £2 at Tesco, Poundland weight is 200g

ASDA's version are also £1 but it is only 200g



they've probably taken a big hit since they started putting milk products in.
my allergy to cows milk meant i used to get bought boxes and boxes of these as they were one of the few nonmilk choccies for bdays xmas etc, not any more lol

oh lordie, lordie, lordie! one of my favourites..

Got some at the weekend, class offer!

When I was young we regarded these as somehow special --- now they're just more crap.

Same price in poundland, but maybe a different weight?
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Same price as poundland same weight as well.

I love these heat left

here have some heat!!!

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Same price as poundland same weight as well.

Poundland weight is 200g

they used to have a vending pack, 3or5 can't remember, even back in the late 80's thay wanted something like 60p for three. had to try and get my dad to get them after swimming. Good times

super price....never cheaper

Op you just made me hunt em down and spend £6!!

Great find ..thanks have some heat !

gr8 price....but was expecting OP to post the message after eight though.....heat added....
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