300G Peanut M&M £2 @ Sainsburys

300G Peanut M&M £2 @ Sainsburys

Found 14th Dec 2014
Was in my local Sainsbury's last night and spotted the 300g pouch of peanut M&M's were down from £3 to £2.

The costco deal is cheaper but not everyone can get them. This also makes them cheaper than the 2 for £3 Tesco have the 165g at.

You may however still be able to get the halloween themed ones at 99p and B&M stores if you have one locally. If not then this may be the next cheapest?


165g bag in poundland is cheaper

£1 in pounstrecher & 99p in 99p stores

£1 in B & M

1kg in Iceland £5


1kg in Iceland £5

ooh thanks for that, might nip in later and stock up for Christmas!

Pound stretcher are doing the 300g bags for £1 in Newcastle and team valley.
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