300GB Seagate External USB 2.0 Hard Drive - £99.99 or less delivered

300GB Seagate External USB 2.0 Hard Drive - £99.99 or less delivered

Found 12th Jul 2006
A great price for this 300GB Seagate External USB 2.0 Hard Drive ... just £99.99 from Maplin.co.uk!

* High speed USB 2.0. 7200 RPM spin speed
* Sleek elegant structure dissipates heat so they run much cooler than any other external drives
* Hot-swappable so you can connect and disconnect without turning off your computer
* Masive 16MB cache on this 400GB model.
* 350Gs non operating shock resistance
* Whisper quiet acoustics. Push button backup
* Award winning Bounceback express software. Diagnostic software included
* Approx dimensions when horizontal: 7.125 D x 6.5 W x 2.25 H
* Approx dimensions when vertical with pedestal: 7.125 D x 3 W x 6.75 H
Weight: 2lb, 9.5oz
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This is till available and remember if you sign up to the maplin newsletter you can receive the following discount on your orders:

Thanks for the reminder Cat. Good price for this 400gb drive. Voted +
is it 300GIG or 400GIG as the description and the post above states ?
Hi amino and welcome to hukd's This is for a 300 gb Hard drive.
is it fit any pc

is it fit any pc

Yes as long as it has a USB port
Thanks mate is it that easy just plug in usb port of pc then it work
Yep. It should be really easy.
Yeah It will come with an adaptor ready to plug into the mains and a USB cable to go from the drive to your PC USB port. Plug in and you'll see it as another hard drive [probably drive letter E: or F: on most computers].
Oh yeah, Voted++!!
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