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30cm x 20cm Personalised Canvas - £6 delivered with code @ My Picture

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The My Picture offer is still working, giving a 30 x 20cm canvas for £6 delivered using code HJ69BQMI. Maybe handy for Valentines or gifting for other occasions e.g. birthday etc. Add your photo, select 30x 20cm canvas and then at checkout add code and will discount to £6 including delivery. If you have used the code previously may need to use a different email address.


To get the 30x 20cm canvas for £6 delivered

  • Click the 'Get Deal' Button
  • Click "Upload Photos"
  • Upload your image
  • Select 30x20cm
  • Continue to shopping cart
  • Use code HJ69BQMI
  • Checkout

If you upload an image and it doesn't show the 30x20cm option, you may need a better image/needs to be resized

Delivery timings:

  • Canvas Prints (2cm thick, no frame)
  • Production: 1 working day
  • Shipping 3-5 working days
  • Total delivery time: 4-6 working days

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Delivery timings

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My Picture More details at My Picture
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    I just want to give a little endorsement of this company. I've ordered five 120cm by 80cm canvases from them so far. I'm a professional wedding photographer myself, I've not been selling them on, just for decoration in my home and studio. However, they are of excellent quality. The first image is one I took on a very high megapixel camera and the printing is perfect. The second is an AI art piece I made, and editied and upscaled from a very low resolution image to 120cm tall in Photoshop. I just want to say I couldn't be happier with the results. I wouldn't have been expecting this quality for anywhere near that price point. I'm based in Ireland so the free postage is great as everything is expensive here when postage comes in to it. I paid 22 GBP each for the first three and 25 GBP each for the last two. Photos below are from my phone, but all tones and colour were as I sent them from a perfectly calibrated monitor. I wouldn't hesitate to recommended them to my clients. Keep an eye on them as there are deals constantly, sign up to the newsletter, I get a few emails per week from them, always a deal but some are better than others!

    Thanks for the info, been needing to order some of my daughter but put it off as worried about quality
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    I wish there were coupons for bigger sizes.
    Yes me too!
  3. Avatar
    Still worked fine for me just now.
  4. Avatar
    Anyone else think they'd save more if they didn't look at hotdeals!

    Ordered thanks 😜
  5. Avatar
    Thnx OP. Ordered one to see...
  6. Avatar
    Thank you! Ordered
  7. Avatar
    Codes not working for me 😞 I selected 30x20cm as well
    Can't find anywhere to put the code
  8. Avatar
    Try the code without the full stop as follows


    If you copy it from link it has a full stop at the end and doesn't work
  9. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks!
  10. Avatar
    Site won't let me checkout
    HUKD will have broke it
  11. Avatar
    Coupon not working for me 😔
    Did you select the 30 x 20 as I had no problem
  12. Avatar
    Anyone know how they are with copywrited images? Could do with lager logos on these for my garden bar
    You can print anything you like, they don’t really care what you print, as long as they’re making money
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    Heat = Ordered thanks you
  14. Avatar
    Won’t let you check out
  15. Avatar
    Worked for me without the full stop.
  16. Avatar
    Thank you OP ordered a few.The code will work once the full stop is removed from the coupon others who are trying to order.
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    Can you do more than one?
    Yes if you got a few spare email accounts (edited)
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    Thanks OP. Ordered
  19. Avatar
    tried yesterday and the code was working but didn't checkout...went on it today and there's no place to put in the code anymore
    Try the code without the full stop at the end, worked for me today again! But use a different email address!
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    Still working for me

    49404223-GwSw7.jpg (edited)
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    Ordered before, was a very dark picture anyway, and came out even darker, couldn’t see anything. chose a very light picture this time, we’ll see.
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    Thanks, I've been meaning to order a photo since before Christmas, so this was the perfect deal to kick me into gear.