30GB Data 1000 mins + 100 international minutes! - £10pm @ Vectone

30GB Data 1000 mins + 100 international minutes! - £10pm @ Vectone

Found 5th Mar 2018
Looks like an amazing deal, only £10 per month for 30GB, 1000 minutes, 1000 international minutes and unlimited texts.
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crappy network, not worth it
From a quick look, it may only be 3G. Plus, the company reviews badly.

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yes its 3G only but Im using it right now & found it fine personally - they use EE so the signal will be as good as EE in your area

You can tether the full 30GB without any decrease in speed & my speed is between 2Mbs to 5 Mbps which is mostly OK for streaming on one device

they seem to get such bad reviews because the customer service is poor when things go wrong
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100 international minutes ! (not 1000)
rrk30015 h, 11 m ago

100 international minutes ! (not 1000)

Thanx, typo now corrected
Arjun79 h, 16 m ago

This seems even better …This seems even better https://www.vectonemobile.co.uk/vmbundle/subscribe/MTFAQDE1ODdAQEZTQlM=But does anyone have an experience using these?

I am using this... it is crap. If I want to call anyone the first call doesn't get connected. I can hear the sound from other side , but they cant hear me. So for every call I have to pay for 1 extra minute.
They have automatically renewed my plan even when auto topup is disabled. Cannot get in touch with the customer service to discuss about this. I was waiting for 45 minutes to get the customer service but the call got disconnected automatically. Sent a mail to customer service, but the response was something else and subsequent mails were not answered.
From my experience my suggestion is to keep away from Vectone....Sorry to say, but I feel they are cheating
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