30x330ml Coca Cola/Coca Cola Zero Sugar/Diet Coke £7.50 @ ASDA

30x330ml Coca Cola/Coca Cola Zero Sugar/Diet Coke £7.50 @ ASDA

Found 24th Aug 2017
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nice one .. been waiting for this to come back again. off to asda tomorrow methinks !!
Was £10 in Asda Bearsden this morning.......
franco791 m ago

Was £10 in Asda Bearsden this morning.......

My local store had them at the front of the store for £10 but in the aisle for £7.50 so it may be worth asking next time you visit.
Damn... had a shop delivered last night and they were still £10. Few boxes on the next shop I think.... Thanks OP, heat!
Good price, same price per can (25p) at Tesco for Diet Coke/Coke Zero if you're closer or prefer it - hotukdeals.com/dea…451
heat from me but but pretty much the rack rate deal.
Used to be £7 for 30
Awesome! Thank you
Cheaper in Costco
liam198914 m ago

Cheaper in Costco

not everyone can get a costco membership ..
Don't understand why coke is so expensive in the uk, it's dirt cheap in other countries, so frustrating!
Tesco you can get Diet and Zero cola 24cans for £6.00 until 29th August.
Works out same 25p a can.
Useful if you don't have ASDA near or a clubcard point fan.
Got some from Asda last night (Swindon) and stacks and stacks of these near the checkouts and in the aisle, so no stock problems by the look of it! Thanks for the heads up
I used to wait for these offers and stock up but then i noticed B&M have a 12 pack in for £3 (25p a can) on a normal sale basis, alough i am not sure if it was only the pepsi max and pepsi.
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