32" 1080p LG for £349 @ Currys (allegedly!)

32" 1080p LG for £349 @ Currys (allegedly!)

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Found 24th Dec 2008
I heard a rumour this is one of the boxing day deals in Currys



sorry gonna vote cold i dont see rumours as deals

yup believe it when i see it

Just to let you know I brought the LG 32inch last Saturday for £349, at this price it is a bargain, great picture, sound ok. I think in the lead up to Xmas they were price matching with other stores so one day it could up or down, I think I caught it on a lucky day.

However I know the storeperson was saying that there were going to be futher price reductions after Xmas.


With no specific details, this should be in Misc I suppose

This isn't a deal is it. It's a rumour.

Whilst I appreciate the commitment to sharing a potential good deal i'm gonna have to vote cold too

Personally I think it's a bit harsh to vote cold.
At least the OP has provided us a heads up on a possible deal. Least we should do is neither vote hot or cold, until confirmed either way.
Otherwise if proved correct then we can't vote hot as having already voted cold.
Overwhelmingly voting such potential deals cold, will discourage others from posting such deals, which can often be extremely useful particulatly if stocks of a particular item are low.

yep, gonna happen.
it was posted up on our till system before I left work at 5pm.

I work for Currys.

already on their systemmmm
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