32" Bush LCD32TV005HD HDTV for £379.99 in-store at Sainsbury's

32" Bush LCD32TV005HD HDTV for £379.99 in-store at Sainsbury's

Found 9th Mar 2007
This is my first deal post, so please forgive any mistakes.

I saw this while in-store earlier today. The sign has the following information:

model: LCD32TV005HD
twin scart sockets
Resolution: 1366 x 768
S-VHS input
headphone socket
nicam stereo

The box didn't have any more information, so I asked to have a peek at the back. Additionally I saw:

1x HDMI socket
1x set of component sockets
1x VGA socket
1x RF socket (aerial or does it have internal freeview? I'm unsure)

This seems like a pretty good deal for a reasonably well known brand HDTV with a decent set of inputs.

Presumably different stores will have different TV sets, so you may need to shop/phone around. I saw this one in Cameron Toll, Edinburgh.

The lady in the store advised me that the deal will run for 3 more weeks.

I can't find much information about this model online, so if anyone has any more info, please post in the comments.

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27 inch is 449 on the website is this any good?
Welcome to HotUKDeals and Thanks for your first deal post
No problem! Hopefully I helped someone get a bargain.

My partner and I are looking for a TV at the moment. She isn't a fan of black TVs so I'm hoping she'll let us get this one! I'd like HDTV for the Xbox, but don't tell her that... ;-)
Check out techfever.co.uk and intekx.com for some excellent lcd deals.

Great for the xbox360

I used to sell tvs amongst other electrical thingies. Bush were always bottom of the pile. I am aware of the fact that the tft panel itself may be made by the same manufacturer as many other better quality suppliers however the quality of the remaining components (audio cct, PSU, tuner etc.) is more than likely not up to the same standard as say Hitachi or Philips.

Obviously there is amarket for this product, however as I used to say to a lot of my customers. "save a bit more for the better brand or scale down to a smaller screen if you can". The benefits are that you get a better quality picture and sound and ore importantly you are likely to see a longer life from the quality brand. I can confirm that the return rates for brands like Bush, Akura, Goodmans, Thompson were always a lot higher than Philips, Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba.

Interestingly the two other brands that I would once have placed in the same tranche as the cheapos, LG and Samsung have come on leaps and bounds in the past 10 years and are now in the top 'bang for buck' range. I am not sur if their success is through their input into the mobile phone and IT market however having used their TFT panels in both TV and IT, I would strongly recommend them.

I would reconsider this set if it were me buying.
anyone got anymore info on this screen? i saw it in sainsburys yesterday but only boxed up not out the box and with something on screen

am very tempted at that price! any reviews? anything?
We actually bought this TV later on yesterday.

After reading philby27's reply I'm now a bit worried that the TV won't last, but I've got nothing but good things to say about it so far.

The picture seems excellent, no complaints about the build quality or audio quality. There was also a removable panel on the back containing even more inputs which I wasn't shown when in the shop.

My advice would be to hold off if you're concerned about the brand, but I can't complain yet. My initial impressions are that it's a good TV at a good price, but I can't vouch for the longevity of the set.

One note that I'd like to make is that it doesn't have integrated freeview, but it does have 2 scarts, component, composite, RF, HDMI and VGA so you'll have no problems connecting an external freeview (ours is a cheapo £23 one from Asda, but works great).
I would back up what Philby has to say about electronic products(I also used to work in electrical retailing).At the end of the day,as with most things,you get what you pay for.That is not to say that your purchase is a bad one,far from it,you would be paying double the price more than likely to get something similar in a 'well known' branded TV.

For them to be able to retail such a product at that price they have to use cheaper components that will not be as good a quality as more expensive ones,hence why they are more likely to fail.However that does not mean yours will,neither does it mean that a more expensive brand will not!
There will always be what is termed 'friday afternoon' models in anything that is manufactured.

If you are pleased with the tv,picture is good ,nice sound,all the connectivity you require etc,I would say just enjoy your purchase,do not worry too much about what may happen a few years down the line,you have a guarantee for 12 months anyway so if there is any fundamental fault it will show itself in that time.Also,in say 5 years time,hopefully the prices of these types of tv will be more competitive still and with further technological advancements,better quality all round.

You like it,just enjoy your shiny new TV:)
Have just bought this tv have to say impressed so
far. have just had virgin media new package installed
and i am trying to watch bbc hd channel. i have plugged
in my hdmi lead but get no picture>>?? is there a certain
channel of button i need to press to get the picture??

have lost my manual already and cant seem to find it online

anyone help me please im pulling my hair out to see the quality
of picture.

Cycling through the inputs by pressing the AV button will hopefully get you to the HDMI input. You can also access the available inputs by pressing the menu button.

Hope this helps! :-)
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