32" Full HD LED TV with Blu-ray Player, PVR & SRS Audio / £319 Delivered / Kogan

32" Full HD LED TV with Blu-ray Player, PVR & SRS Audio / £319 Delivered / Kogan

Found 9th Feb 2012
The Kogan 32" ELITE LED-BD32 offers the most complete home theatre experience available in the UK. The big name brands will try and sell you additional products, but with this Kogan you take the TV out of the box and you're ready to go.

This groundbreaking TV is the most feature packed on the market, with a built-in Blu-ray Player, PVR function to pause and record live TV, SRS TruSurround HD™, and even a USB input to playback your photos, music and movies. All this with no messy cables!

The built-in SRS speakers create a rich surround sound effect without an expensive dedicated speaker setup.

The Kogan 32" ELITE LED-BD32 gives you razor sharp clarity, crisp and clear images and an absolutely amazing home theatre experience!

The Kogan LED-BD32 Features:
32"/ 81cm Full HD panel (1920 X 1080)
Full High Definition panel ensuring crystal clear TV. Doubles up as an excellent computer monitor.

PVR Function
The built-in PVR function lets you Pause, Rewind & Record TV directly to any USB plug and play flash drive or powered hard drive! Simply insert your USB device into the TV to record or playback your favourite movies, TV shows and photos.

Blu-ray Player
Play all the latest movies with the built in region free BD2.0 Blu-ray player. It will even play all your DVDs and CDs.
BD-Live functionality lets users access the Internet to download data such as images and subtitles, and join in quizzes and multi-player interactive games that are linked to bonus movie content contained on Blu-ray discs. Get access to behind the scenes footage and extras not available on ordinary Blu-ray players!

SRS TruSurround HD™
SRS TruSurround HD™ creates an immersive, feature-rich surround sound experience from two speakers, complete with rich bass, high frequency detail and clear dialog.

Built-in Digital TV Tuner
Watch all of the latest SD digital TV channels without the need for an additional set-top box.

HD Ready
HD Ready means that the TV will display high definition content when connected to a HD source - like a Blu-ray player or games console, which you can connect via the HDMI ports. There's also a PC input so you can use the TV as a monitor.

SRS TruSurround HD™
SRS TruSurround HD™ creates an immersive, feature-rich surround sound experience from two speakers, complete with rich bass, high frequency detail and clear dialog.

USB Input
Play movies, music and photos directly from your USB drive.

LED Technology
LED TVs allow for considerable space saving over conventional LCD TVs, resulting in sleek designs and some of the thinnest TVs ever released. LED TVs use 30% less power than conventional LCD TVs of the same size and will help reduce both your carbon footprint and electricity costs.

Electronic Programme Guide
With an EPG you will never miss your favourite programs again.


Original Poster

Model Number: KULED32BRPAB
Panel Size (Diagonal): 32"/81cm
Panel Viewable: 32"/81cm
Panel Type: CMO Widescreen Full HD TFT-LED (Edge lit LED LCD panel)
Panel Response Time: 8ms
Panel Refresh Rate: 50/60Hz
Tuner: Integrated Digital Tuner
Native Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full High Definition)
Native Panel Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Aspect Ratios Supported: Panorama, 16:9, Letterbox 4:3, Auto
Signal Compatibility: 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Colours: 1.06 Billion Maximum
Computer Supported Resolutions: 640x480 @ 60Hz, 800x600 @ 60Hz, 1024x768 @ 60Hz, 1366X768 @ 60Hz, 1920X1080 @ 60Hz
Actual Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 (ANSI)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio:
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Viewable Angle: 176o (Horizontal) × 176o (Vertical)
Pixel/Dot Pitch: 0.1mm (H) × 0.3mm (V)
3D Comb Filter: Yes
Blu-ray Ready: Yes
Parental Lock: Yes

HDMI®: 2
VGA (D-sub): 1
Audio In:
AV (Composite): 1
Common Interface: 1
Antenna In: 1
Outputs (Left Side)
Coaxial Audio Out:
Headphone Out:
Speaker System:
Built-In: 2 x 15W Speakers
Power Consumption:
Average: <120W
Standby: <1W
Dimensions of TV without Stand (approx):
W:77.0cm x D:4.0cm x H:49.0cm
Dimensions of TV with Stand (approx):
W:77.0cm x D:20.0cm x H:55.2cm
Dimensions of Box (approx):
W:99.0cm x D:16.0cm x H:64.0cm
Weight of TV with Stand (approx):
Weight of TV in Box (approx):
TV Stand:
Wall Mount Hole Pattern:
100mm x 200mm
Wall Mount Screw Size:
Metric M4
Side Buttons:
Power, TV/AV, Menu, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down
Television Depth (approx):
Thickest: 4.0cm
Thinnest: 4.0cm

Built-In Blu-ray Drive: Yes
Location of Built-In DVD Drive: Right Side
Supported Formats (DVD): BD-ROM/BD-R/BD-RE/BD-JAVA/Dual layer BD
Supported Formats (USB):
AVI (MPEG - 1/2/4 and divx 4 coded) and MP4 (MPEG - 1/2/4 and divx 4 coded), MP3, WMA, JPEG, BMP
Supported USB Devices: Powered External Drives up to 2TB

Built-in PVR Function:
Yes (through USB input)
Timeshift: Yes
EPG: Yes
What's In The Box:

Kogan FHDLEDBD32 - 32" Full HD LED TV

Power Cable

Kogan Remote Control


Review... … Review... http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/tvs/kogan-elite-led-bd32-review-50002641/ Verdict 3/5



Review... … Review... http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/tvs/kogan-elite-led-bd32-review-50002641/ Verdict 3/5

and 0.5/5 from owners !

Is picture quality good ?????????????????????????

After a recent row about an avatar, is that pIcture appropriate?!? No objection personally, just wondering if it's a "good for the goose - good for the gander" example.

As cor the deal. I know nothing about Kogan, but on paper it's a stinker!

STONKER... Ruddy auto correct!?!

My avatar has been on 6 months !!

Sorry LOUGHBORO GUY... Didn't mean your avatar.

I was referring to another thread people MAY have seen and the picture posted above.


and 0.5/5 from owners !

However the 0.5 out of 5 vote is based on two reviews by the same person so really needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and they also advise on the second review that the TV broke down so could be a duffer from the outset. Yes it is no sammy but for £300quid you'd be hard pressed to get a full hd and LED branded TV and get a separate bluray. You also have to remember that there are limited reviews of this TV available so one negative review in total seems fairly good when you compare to some of the branded plasmas effected by the green blob issue in 2011 which have 1000s of posts of upset customers.

As I said in the previous Kogan deal, a friend bought one after asking me for help finding the biggest TV for the least money. While it has a sticky pixel he is quite happy and we might be able to sort the pixel issue out so as they say you get what you pay for but for a kids room/spare room/rental property or person on a tight budget wanting to get a little more modern equipment without paying the earth this represents a bargain deal.
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