32" JVC LT-32C675 smart TVs with DVD player £219 at Currys

32" JVC LT-32C675 smart TVs with DVD player £219 at Currys

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Great small tv for the kitchen. In white or black
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32" = small TV??
How big is your kitchen?
720p screen
Seems like they will wack anything on a 32" TV these days before just making them full HD!!!! Does my head in... I don't want a gigantic TV dominating the livingroom, just a 32", Full HD, good sound.... you know... like you could buy 5 years ago.
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Was on offer before xmas, i got one for the daughter November for the same price
chuckiedoll1 h, 50 m ago

32" = small TV??

Yes, absolutely, most TVs start at 32" these days, smaller sets are the exception. To be fair LCDs are so thin these days you can fit them in a lot of places you couldn't imagine having a TV before.

Freezing deal though, JVC is nothing more than a Vestel budget set and 720P is very poor these days, 1080P should be the minimum and why only DVD when Bluray has been around well over a decade?

Nothing against unbranded sets mind, my main TV and bedroom sets are both Vestels and work absolutely great but I got them extremely cheap as a result, here you are paying almost big name prices for a no name set....
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