32 Razor blades Pace6 by Dorco @ £19.99

32 Razor blades Pace6 by Dorco @ £19.99

Found 31st Jan 2017
Buy one pack of Pace 6 with16 blades @24.99 and get one pack free.... add code WELCOME5 and get a further 5 off....that makes it 19.99 for 32 blades, which is about 0.62p/blade
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Or get a proper razor and blades are 20 packs for £10 on Amazon. Multiblades are the biggest con going I get just as good a shave from my single bladed Jagen razor and it works out at 10p per blade. Soap, bowl, brush and blade. Can't beat it.
Excellent close shave. Glad I switched. Heat added.
not used them myself, by my missus got one of the razors, then they did a buy 1 get 1 free on blades which I'm told they do regularly she said better and cheaper than her wilkinson sword she used.

when I googled the mens' razors for reviews, it seemed for every one say Gillette was better, there was one saying these were better, so I guess it depended on who provided the better incentive
Also TCB/Quidco for an extra 15-17.5 % and a free Pace 6 handle and blade see this threadYour text here
Not sure why this is cold. Dorco have been doing BOGOF on all razors through January. I bought the Pace 6 12 month supply with 2 handles and got the same free for around £33. I would say that they are at least as good as Gillette, if not better, although the trimmer blade could be better. Additional benefit is that this doesn't require a subscription like some other alternatives, e.g. Cornerstone.
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