320GB NAS - Network Attached Storage - £68.97 + P&P From SCAN
320GB NAS - Network Attached Storage - £68.97 + P&P From SCAN

320GB NAS - Network Attached Storage - £68.97 + P&P From SCAN

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Another NAS for those looking for a cheap one, have not ordered myself as looking for some with 1TB sortage.

Out line:
The easy to use LinkStation Live Multimedia Storage Server is perfect whenever you need dependable network data storage. All computers on your network can share files on this versatile, flexible, and simple NAS. With built-in Web Access feature, you can access your files anytime via web browser from anywhere! In addition to its storage capabilities, it can stream multimedia to a PC, a Mac, a Buffalo LinkTheater, and other DLNA CERTIFIED media players. The LinkStation Live seamlessly integrates with iTunes® 7 and allows you to access your music files on the LinkStation from your iTunes software. Best suited for homes or small businesses who need a central location for files that all devices on the network can share.


Does it support NTFS harddrives?

Just got one, but from ebuyer rather than scan (P&P, I don't think so). Some useful pointers:

First. You can plug two external USB hard disks into this to up the storage capacity. Its a cheaper way to 2TB of storage. That storage CAN be formatted NTFS, but no write access, slow read access, etc. They prefer you format EXT3.

Second, the DLNA media server built in DOESN'T recognise m2ts files to serve them - which is a pain. You can rename them mpg and all works OK with a PS3, but its just a file extension Buffalo, come on...

Finally, its a Linux box and so can be hacked seven ways from friday. There are new distributions, addins (including the Twonky media server to fix the above problem) and something of a community.

Oh, and finally, the backup software provided, Memeo, is naff. Don't install, find something else.


Does it support NTFS harddrives?

Dont think so. EDIT: Ah confirmed above - no write access = bit pointless.

have you looked into EXT3? I think you can get windows drivers for that so you can have write access.

I have an EXT3 formatted drive in my network media player and I can write to that across my network.

If you really want cheap NTFS you could always add an extra drive to your PC and share it on the network?



Just got one, but from ebuyer rather than scan (P&P, I don't think so).

free delivery to avforum & hexus members.. as mentioned many many times


Does it support NTFS harddrives?

I have a 500Gb model, bought 2 years ago, that was (and still is) formatted in NTFS when it arrived.

Have never used a USB drive on it, but as already stated, cannot use it in NTFS or FAT32 format which seems a bit daft if you're using it to back up the Buffalo: if the Buffalo dies you've got no way of connecting the USB drive up to your PC for it to read the files... unless of course you buy another Buffalo to restore the data to!

I'm more of an enthusiastic user rather than a trained computer scientist, so perhaps I've missed something in this last point:oops:?
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