325 Trick Sensational Magic Set - £10 @ Tesco Direct

325 Trick Sensational Magic Set - £10 @ Tesco Direct

Found 17th Sep 2011
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This sensational magic set from Hanky Panky Toys is a fun magic set with 325 magic tricks that you can learn to impress your family and friends. Once you have mastered some of these tricks, you can put on your own magic show. All these tricks can be mastered in minutes. An instruction book shows you how to perform each trick. The sensational magic box contains a wide range of tricks, including card tricks, ball and cups tricks, tricks you can perform with rings and also tricks you can perform with a piece of string. Along with all the tricks, there is a wand that you can use to wave over the magic tricks as part of your performance.The Hanky Panky Toys sensational magic set comes in a large box that you put your tricks back into after you have put on your show. Colours and styles may vary.
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That's just over 3p per trick. Sounds like a decent price.
Chances are most of them will be card tricks that you could find online, but...... I'm 29 and I really want it!!!
Hanky Panky Toys oO
I always worry with Tesco half price deals when you can't get the item anywhere else... makes me wonder how much it is actually worth. Am I being a misog?
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!

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