32Gb iPod Touch 4G £229 @ Argos - instore and online

32Gb iPod Touch 4G £229 @ Argos - instore and online

Found 18th Dec 2010
Not quite as good a deal as Asda, but stock is hard to find in store there and it's been a tale of woe me trying to find an iPod Touch anywhere else in the area due the weather hitting deliveries. If you're in the same boat, then Argos looks the most realistic option, expecially if you want the thing before Christmas.

The hassle I've had trying to buy one of these things at a reasonable price is incredible. Comet had loads in stock at £224, but their reserve and collect deal is tied into a stupid free docking station. The ipods are in stock at every store, but the docking stations aren't and they refused to sell them separately. What a con!

Tried to get John Lewis to price match Asda (although they don't do the iTunes voucher), but the guy told me it takes their sales department up to 48 hours to confirm a price match. Argh!!

Thankfully Argos came through!

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