34 Piece Tap and Die Set - £14.99 @ Aldi

34 Piece Tap and Die Set - £14.99 @ Aldi

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LocalFound 14th Sep 2008
For the precision cutting of internal and external threads in metal.

7 ?metric taps M3-M12
5 ?UNF size taps
2 ?BSP size taps
14 ?thread cutting dies split 1"
Tap wrench: ½" capacity, 255mm (L)
T-type tap wrench: ¼" capacity
Die holder 1" direction
Screwdriver: 3 ?50mm
Screwpitch gauge with 12 blades
Metal carry case
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These cheap tap and dies sets are great for round the house when putting up flat pack furniture and then cross threading the bolt. Heat and rep.
Tap and die.......I bet Lionel Blair is getting worried.
I got one of these last time they had them pretty poor quality IMHO
Cheap tap and die sets are usually made from a substance similar to Edam cheese. They are however OK for cleaning up existing threads that have got damaged. I can't imagine they'd be very good at cutting new threads but how many average DIYers want to do that anyway ?
I think the price is pretty poor - I'd probably opt for this from Amazon :
Or this from Amazon which is probably slightly better quality :
i've had these from aldi for about 12 months, havent had any problems with cutting new thread. i would reccomend these as an existing user. i can understand people's concerns about cheap sets though.
Not as many pieces, but slightly cheaper...


At that price, I bought one myself - seems ok for rethreading.

Should I start a new thread? .....BOOM BOOM?
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