35 Free Songs with eMusic @ Purely Gadgets
35 Free Songs with eMusic @ Purely Gadgets

35 Free Songs with eMusic @ Purely Gadgets

Got this from PurelyGadgets newsletter. Thought I'd share it.

35 Free Songs with eMusic when you sign up to a 14 day trial with eMusic. Just remember to cancel later if you don't want to keep paying.


I think there is quidco too.

I signed up for this a while back and struggled to find any music of my taste on there. good deal if you can though

Yeah, I signed up a while back and couldn't find anything worth downloading either.

At least they were pretty hassle free about my cancelling during the free trial period.

eMusic's a fantastic site, well worth signing up for, and 35 tracks means 3-4 free albums while you're there (cancel before the 14 day trial is up to avoid any charges if you don't like it)!

Don't let the guys above me put you off, there's a great selection but it's just independent labels - so no U2 or Britney. Examples of acts who are there: Stereophonics, The Prodigy, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Adele, Basement Jaxx, Isaac Hayes, Underworld, Paul McCartney, The White Stripes. If you have an open mind and don't just want the current top 40, it's a very cheap way to get legal downloads...

(plug over, I just love that site!)
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