3.5 m Multi-Purpose Ladder £35.99 @ Clas Ohlson

3.5 m Multi-Purpose Ladder £35.99 @ Clas Ohlson

Found 26th Sep 2009
Aluminium. Versatile 3-way combination ladder. Can be used as a work platform, double-sided or straight ladder. Folds away for ease of storage. Comes with sturdy sheet steel platform (height above ground 0.9 m). Weight incl. platform: 16.3 kg. Load capacity: 150 kg. Conforms to EN131.


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Had lots in stock at the Manchester store, looked quite decent and stable for the price

dont forget 10% off everything until the end of Sept, when you get a receipt from a cash withdrawl at A&L ....

If you go to the Croydon branch, there is an A&L opposite in the high street, take out some money, get a receipt and then get 10% off your purchases !!

I'm not denying it is a good deal, but if I were to buy a ladder I'd think twice about buying a cheap one...!

Posted a couple of weeks ago. Good deal tho

Conforms to EN131.

=> cheap or not, this means it's fit for purpose.


Conforms to EN131.=> cheap or not, this means it's fit for purpose.

Good point!

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Posted a couple of weeks ago. Good deal tho

Sorry I didn't see it posted. =[

I don't think a lot of people would spend over £75 on a pair of ladders, other than enthusiasts, I guess it depends how well they are in use, I didn't buy a pair although I was tempted so I couldn't comment on that.


Ladder enthusiasts? Good deal though for diy users or enthusiasts

thanks for this. just what I needed.

oh, ok, you cant order this online. stores in croydon or manchester only.

Nice price, but instore only.http://i914.photobucket.com/albums/ac341/fox2020plus/soso.gif

love the video, I bet he felt a right muppet..lol
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