35 % off LIFE V1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner £60 @ GearBest

35 % off LIFE V1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner £60 @ GearBest

Found 21st May 2017
- 35%, 60gbp / 79.99 usd

ILIFE V1 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Compact and Multifunctional Cleaning Machine
ILIFE V1 smart robotic vacuum cleaner is an essential household cleaning machine. With OBS All Terrain Detection System, it can detect and select the desired radial to use for navigation. The anti-bump and anti-drop sensors allow the unit to sweep the house without any obstacles, thus protecting your furniture and robot from damage. Besides, the innovative sensor technology let the robot stop where you can easily find when the battery is about to run out. The multiple cleaning modes, super compatibility, strong suction and double filtration all help you clean the house efficiently. Slim body design allows it to go easily under the sofas, beds, kickstands, etc.
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does anybody have any reviews of this?

does anybody have any reviews of this?

can't do corners or stairs so still have to use the Dyson......cold.
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I had a Deebot robot vacuum from Amazon. It was total crap. Only good for everyday cleaning on wooden floors. Carpet and rugs were crap. I sent it back. Only good as an everyday cleaner but a good, powerful Hoover is still required weekly.
this is only going to be good for a pet to ride round on, cold and crap
I have got one and it is brilliant. picks up pet hairs and other bits of dirt on the floor. I was very impressed as to how good it is. we use it on a short rugged carpet.
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Eugh, referral links. The tradetracker link doesn't resolve, whats the real link?
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