350w Qualcast Corded Grass Trimmer £18.99 @ Argos [2 Year Guarantee]

350w Qualcast Corded Grass Trimmer £18.99 @ Argos [2 Year Guarantee]

Found 2nd Aug 2017
Nice price, had a few quid strimmed off. Stock looks good. Checked Nottingham, Glasgow, Lincoln, Leeds and all showing availability.

The Qualcast 350W Corded Grass Trimmer has a quick adjustable handle which provides you with added comfort and balance. This grass trimmer includes a extra spool on the body for enhanced convenience, and a quick cable management for clean storage so you'll never have to deal with tangled up wires.

All Qualcast garden power products and pressure washers include a FREE 2 year guarantee when bought from Argos. So whether it is a lawnmower that you use weekly or a hedge trimmer that you use occasionally, you have the peace of mind that with Qualcast, the product is built to last.

  • Model number: GGT350A1.

  • 350 watts.
  • Cutting width 25cm.
  • Corded 6m cable.
  • Auto line feed - feeds out of the reel automatically.
  • Dual line feed - ideal for overgrown areas.
  • Soft grip .
  • Telescopic shaft - enables you to adjust the length of the shaft to suit your height.
  • Safety guard and features a plant guard to protect your flowers and plants while trimming the grass.
  • Additional extra strong line for cutting in tough conditions.
General information:

  • Weight 2.2kg.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
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dont buy absolute pants
350watts is useless. Swinging a conker on a string is more effective.
Cheers bought
queeg4 m ago

Cheers bought

Buy cheap buy twice
Do not buy. Qualcast = rubbish. Better off going over it with a scissors
Any recommendations for a decent electric strimmer???
sprite127594, Bosch ones aren't too bad: amazon.co.uk/gp/…h+s

I've the cheapest, lowest rated/reviewed one - still going strong 11 years later: amazon.co.uk/dp/…77S

I'd go for a more powerful, expensive one if you can afford it.
Edited by: "Crossbow" 2nd Aug 2017
Thanks OP, just what I was after having lent my dirt cheap one to my brother and not seen it for 3 months! This with my £10 voucher off from buying something last week brings it to a bargain £8.99, can't complain its better than nothing which is all Ive got at the minute
Edited by: "P13ULC" 2nd Aug 2017
This is absolutely awful, broke after 3 strim's
Had one for two years, really impressed for the price.
I have the 450w equivalent of this and it's fine - a decent step between a real cheapo 250w few quid jobby and a much more expensive (and temperamental) but admittedly much more capable petrol strimmer.
welshmonday12 h, 19 m ago

Do not buy. Qualcast = rubbish. Better off going over it with a scissors

Correct! And is what we have to do now... Quicker and better.. Til next year that is..
Nice petrol strimmer me thinks.
Can anyone recommend a cheap cordless strimmer? I've only got about 2m square of grass to cut, and by the time I've got the corded one out, got the extension lead out and connected up and got it going, it takes longer than actually cutting the grass!
welshmonday19 h, 42 m ago

Do not buy. Qualcast = rubbish. Better off going over it with a scissors

Absolute tosh! We have a Qualcast mower that's lastest around 5 years and is still going strong.
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