35mm Film Mounted Slide Scanner - now £54.99 delivered @ Maplin

35mm Film Mounted Slide Scanner - now £54.99 delivered @ Maplin

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Found 1st Jun 2009
One of Maplin's most innovative products brings your long-forgotten neagtives and pictures to life by converting them to digital.

* Transfer your old 35mm negatives and slides onto your PC with this easy to use compact film scanner
* Store upload and email timages to friends and family
* Scan colour or monochrome film and mounted slides
* One of the fastest scanners available
* 35mm film strip and mounted slide
* 48-bit, 3600 dpi optical resolution
* Simple one button scanning
* High speed scan and preview (0.5sec), conventional film scanner (over 1 minute)
* Easy to share, copy and print anytime from PC or hand copy print
* Ensures you never lose image quality once converted to digital files
* Spare film & slide holders are available (N74GU & N75GU)


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Today''s digital world is easy: point, press and download. In the rush to take the next picture, we have forgotten that it did not always use to be like this. Instead of SD cards and USB drives, it was all Instamatic and waiting a week for the holiday snaps to be returned. We all have negatives of those old birthday parties, christenings and Christmases gathering dust in draws and attics. Unfortunately, that''s where they will remain and rot for most people, and with that, your memories will disappear.
The negative film scanner allows you not only to hold on to those memories but bring them into the 21st Century. You can email them to friends and family, upload them on to the web or simply store them on your hard drive or disc - safe in the knowledge your memories are protected. The one downside is that the old photo of you in those flares or with those enormous side burns, once secure in your cupboard, can now be seen by billions online. Perhaps some memories are best kept secret... forever!

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Technical Specification[/COLOR]

Interface:USB 2.0
Image sensor:5 megapixel
Imaging:Instant (0.5 sec)
Lens:4 glass elements
Preview:5MP (2592x1944) 2fps,SXGA(1280x960) 15fps
Focus range:Fixed focus
Exposure control:Automatic
Colour balance:Automatic
Scan high resolution:5M (equal to 1829 dpi enhance 3600 dpi)
Scan method:Single exposure
File size: 500KB to 10MB (select at start of copy)
Light source:Back light
Power:Powered from USB port
Dimensions:90(h) x 90(w) x 165(l) mm
Operating system:Windows XP Software:Arcsoft PhotoImpression 6 included

Great product, really useful, more money gone:roll:

I bought one at xmas and have to be honest in saying that the colour reproduction from negative to digital image left a lot to be desired... we only converted 3 or 4 slides then gave up as all the images were coming through with a blue tint...

Total waste of time - I bought the much cheaper but funtionally identical Aldi product a while back. Maplin had been selling the Aldi product under a different name - and since they aren't claiming that this product is 5000% better than anything they've previously sold I can only assume it's as bad. It uses the same not very good arcsoft photo-impression 6.

Add the £55 to the cost of your next multi-function printer / scanner / copier and you'll be much happier. :thumbsup:

These devices basically take a photo of the slide and unless the light source is perfect and the white balance correct you'll find it near impossible to get decent colour reproduction straight from the machine and whatever automatic tinkering it does meant I couldn't fix the images with paint.net.

I had much better and quicker slide copies by projecting the slides and taking a photo of them!

The Aldi scanner is identical in appearance and spec to the ]ION still being sold by Maplin at £79.99

Here's the ]link to the HUKD deal on the £39.99 Aldi scanner a while back

Completely useless, i don't know why they bothered to make this, its like a toddlers toy camera but then what toddler would be handling negatives.

-quality is appalling, 3600dpi of utter sludge, forget the pixel count the size of the noise particles probably fit 50dpi.
-everything is filled with a vignette of blue noise. like someone has been standing there with a blue torch into the camera.

A cheap digital camera i bought in 2002 did a better job when doing this, which is why i expect this is a cheap 1995 digital camera in the cheapest plastic case and some blue LEDs stuck on...its not a scanner...i don't see the use for anyone.

I'm going to continue using the epson flatbed. Was given this and thought a dedicated film scanner would be better than flatbed, but i'm actually angry that i've spent a few minutes installing and trying it out, i didn't even pay for it and feel like i should be given some money back.
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