36 Cans of Coke for £6 in Tesco

36 Cans of Coke for £6 in Tesco

LocalFound 11th Oct 2010
Just back from Tesco in peebles where I got 2 packs of 18 full fat cokes for £6. The offer is for 2 x 12 for £6 but the shelf had 50% extra free boxes. Didnt see any 50% extra on diet coke though Cant find the same deal online.
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Heat added
Didn't have these at my local on Thursday. Might have to have a look tomorow
ha, like how OP calls them full fat
The 50% extra free is n old offer but if your are lucky like the OP there may well be residual 50% free boxes still floating around but i would expect most of them to have sold through by now. Worth checking when you visit your store but dont be supprized if there are none
jack daniels added, that's hot...
Hope I can find this in my store, cheers.:D
wow thats cheap
Why do people keep calling it "full fat" coke? There isn't any fat in coke.
heat added.

no fat in coke but there will be on you if you drink it loads!
Fab! 6 for £1.
Geddon Fatties!
46.6 p per litre I think!
If I got the maths right then that's very very cheap.
Good offer, thanks for sharing
so, how many of u voted hot then jumped straight in the car and headed for peebles?

as this is likely the only place u will find it.
once again a store specific misprice by the looks of it !!!
not a misprice as it was a 50% extra free offer. the 2 for 6 quid offer is still valid.
Not in my store.we have 18 for £4.50 which is better than usual
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