36 Month Cured Iberico Bellota Ham on the Bone with Stand & Knife, and DVD Tutorial 9kg - £319.99 DELIVERED @ Costco

36 Month Cured Iberico Bellota Ham on the Bone with Stand & Knife, and DVD Tutorial 9kg - £319.99 DELIVERED @ Costco

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Found 25th Oct 2012
Enjoy a true gastronomic experience with what is undeniably the king of Spanish Ham.

Cured for over 36 months, this Iberico Bellota Ham on the Bone is tastier than ever. Acorn or fodder-fed pigs native to the Iberian Peninsula region are selected, ensuring a distinctive taste that simply cannot be replicated. The meat is then cured for an extended period to allow these tastes to fully develop. The result is a succulent, sensational ham!

The Iberico Bellota Ham on the Bone comes with a carving stand, cloth, knife and sharpener and a DVD tutorial explaining how to cut the ham.

•Grand Reserve: More than 36 months of curing.
•Fat: More than 2cm thick bacon
•Flavour Notes: Characteristic ruby red flesh with marbling fat. Pleasant aroma with delectable nutty taste.
Store at room temperature, away from sources of heat and humidity. Once sliced keep refrigerated.

Country of Origin: Spain

Iberico Pork Ham, Salt, Sugar, Preservative (E252), Antioxidant (E301), Pork Lard

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Value
Protein 30.5g
Fat 10-30g
Saturated 4.98g
Monounsaturated 5.76g
Polyunsaturated 1.08
Carbohydrates 0.10g
Minerals 1.5-3g
Vitamins 3-5mg
Energy 254Kcal
Cholesterol 69mg
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Tried this stuff when my wife won a 5 star long weekend to spain, it was amazing melt in your mouth stuff, but would not pay the price
this product is lush but pricey, but cheaper than going to spain or buying lots of slices - could be a great centre piece for a party or buffet.....
Similar price to fillet steak ~ if you had enough money to buy 9kg
Heat for showing me that Costco are now online.........and for making my mouth water.
Why is this cold, this is a bargain! granted not everyones cup of tea, but this is such good value and it comes with stand and knife.

Heat added,

Now where is the Rioja deal
Cold, it's not iPad!
Edited by: "happypower" 25th Oct 2012
I think you might of got more heat if the picture was the actual item rather than a ginger pig in wellies.
i wonder what the expiry date is on this
Edited by: "BadBeatDuke" 25th Oct 2012
what's wrong with the ginger pig??
Does it come with beats headphones?
You made my mouth water too.... great stuff! Why so cold? You reminded me how much I always wanted to buy one of these but I might go for a cheaper (and no doubt less nice) version from Amazon, £60 is affordable for me
i voted cold cos everyone else did!!, just proves that people don't know what deals are, for this product it's a good price, you're not buying some smart price ham, just because it doesn't appeal to some people it doesn't mean it should be voted cold. just don't vote, comment if you wish.
I think Lidl do something similar to this around xmas. Its abt 40quid if I recall correctly for anyone who fancies trying it!
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