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Habitat 360 Bright White Icicle LED Lights - 4.7m £2.50 Free Click & Collect @ Argos

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Argos 360 Bright white icicle lights. Perfect for next year, looks like there is a lot of stock available. Down to £2.50 with free collection

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We can't guarantee you a white Christmas, but these 360 icicle lights in bright white will transform your home into a winter wonderland even without snow! Perfect for adding a little extra Christmas magic, they're suitable for use indoors and outside. Just hang them up wherever looks best (we recommend trailing them along the front of your house) and select your favourite function. With 8 to choose from, you can have them static, flashing or twinkling gently).

  • With a 4.7m cable (3m between the plug and the first lights), you've got plenty of room to decorate. .
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Multifunctional lighting with 8 functions.
  • Full length: 4.7m.
  • 3m lead length between plug and decoration.
  • with 8cm distance between bulbs.
  • Cable colour: clear.
  • Requires 360xLED bulbs (included).
  • Mains powered.
  • 240V.
  • Boxed size H22, W18, D10cm.


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Argos More details at Argos

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    • Full length: 4.7m.
    • 3m lead length between plug and decoration.

    So only 1.7m of lights, Argos are very sneaky and I nearly fell for this with a larger set before Christmas.
    That would make about 20 lights per string to fit the 360 which does not tie to photo.

    On photo there is alternating 4,6,8 lights per string and they are 8cm between each icicle on the description. Taking average 6 lights per 8cm you get just over 4.7m for 360. I’ve got a similar 720 version and it’s over 9m. (edited)
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    Well spotted, lol I didn't see that image
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    Wow... so much heat for something reduced by £2.50!
    For some reason they’ve put the last price as opposed to the original price which I believe was over £20 when I looked a couple of weeks back
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    Thanks op - didn’t go for these as have a lot of similar but guessed if these were on final clearance then so were the others. Got a 1500 string version for £11.70 (with staff discount) that wanted for doing trees in front garden next year. Says only a third off but that many lights would be a lot more normally pre Christmas (£50+) so must be an already reduced price shown.
    Glad you found what you wanted, yeh I think it's more off than they state.
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    Be smart and buy for next year is my motto…most garden centre who have sold Christmas decoration have a sale from minimum 50% so bought once again the decoration for next year half price :-)
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    Great price. Personally not a fan of bright white though
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    Bright white lights are awful. Warm white only. If my neighbour ever puts them up I’m moving
    Not as bad as the blue ones that make the street look like something from ‘999 What’s Your Emergency’. Put me on edge every time I round a corner or catch them in the mirror. Should be banned IMO, and that colour reserved only for the emergency services, but thankfully they seem to be going out of fashion after being all the rage a few years back.

    On the other hand, no need to move if you own a balaclava and are handy with a pair of wire cutters
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    Ordered. Thanks
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    Thanks for posting, just what we were looking for as ours stopped working this year.
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    Warm white all the way! Bright white look too clinical and laboratory!
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  12. Avatar
    Cheers, ordered ready for next year, ones I ordered this year were a little short to cover the front of the house so these will so the job
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    When you can get 12m for less than a tenner on Amazon on a regular basis, this isn’t that great a deal.
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    Thanks for posting, these were reduced from full price to £7.50 a couple of weeks ago
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    Ordered 9 🤦 I guess I need to get a bigger ladder for next Christmas.
    How you plugging all them in
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    Ordered 4 - great deal
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    Ordered thank you for another set aswell 94 m long for £13 give it a try around the garden
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    Ordered, Thankyou. My only concern is I don’t have gutters 🤦🏻‍♀️ can anyone tell me how they fix their lights on a gable roof?
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    I've got these and the longer sets. Look really nice. They were more than £7.50 originally as I brought an additional set in December.
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    Wow.. something that Argos 'actually' has in stock!
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    i assume the original price wasn't £7.50? as not much of a saving
    It was £35 in November
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    Moving to Australia
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    My orders have been cancelled this morning
  24. Avatar
    my order cancelled earlier