360 Viva Pinata Collectors Game - Only £25.99 Delivered

360 Viva Pinata Collectors Game - Only £25.99 Delivered

Found 7th Jul 2007
Viva Pinata, the latest innovative gaming experience from leading U.K.- based developer Rare Ltd., invites gamers to create an immersive world where living pinatas inhabit an ever-changing environment.

They also have the standard version at £19.99

Game is also available at:

Play £39.99 (standard)
Amazon £37.99 (standard)
Game.co.uk £39.99 (standard)
Shopto.net £37.99 (collectors)
Virgin megastores £42.99 (collectors)


£16.14 for std version here ]http//ww…iva

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cheers for that but for a couple of quid extra for collectors i would rather have that:thumbsup:

lol. you pays your money and takes your choice. me...i bought a second hand game a bit cheaper. my kid would never appreciate the difference

I'm not sure it's worth the extra £9 over the standard edition for a special box and a few demos that you can download off of Live Marketplace for free.
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