360g of Maltesers £2.99 at B&M (cheapest per 100g)

360g of Maltesers £2.99 at B&M (cheapest per 100g)

Found 16th Dec 2014
Maltesers are popular at any time of year, but it always seems they get a lot more popular around Christmas. Anyway, if you buy the RIGHT bag/box size, they're cheap. If not, you could end up paying more than double...

A box of 360g of Maltesers is just £2.99 at B&M. That's the cheapest you can get Maltesers at the moment (on a per 100g basis) since that's 83p/100g although several other deals come very close.

All of the below will cost you 1/3p per 100g more effectively (83.3p/100g):
- 360g at Asda for £3
- 360g at Tesco for £3
- 120g at Morrisons for £1
- 360g at Sainsburys for £3
- 120g at Iceland for £1
- 120g at Poundland for £1
- 120g at Superdrug for £1
- 120g at B&M for £1

---- in other words, for the best deal on Maltesers, buy any of the products ABOVE this line ----

Then things start to get more expensive
- 117g at Poundland for £1 (85p/100g)
- 3 bags (111g) at B&M for £0.99 (89p/100g)
- 3 bags (111g) at Asda for £1 (90p/100g)
- 195g at Sainsburys for £1.85 (94.8p/100g)
- 360g at Ocado for £3.50 (97.2p/100g)
- 360g at Superdrug for £3.50 (97.2p/100g)

And then suddenly we're over £1/100g...
- 195g at Asda for £2 (£1.03/100g)
- 195g at Tesco for £2 (£1.03/100g)
- 3 packs (111g) at Tesco for £1.20 (£1.08/100g)
- 230g at Sainsburys for £2.50 (£1.09/100g)
- 88g at B&M for £0.99 (£1.12/100g)

Now we're really climbing...
- 242g at Tesco for £3 (£1.23/100g)
- 242g at Morrisons for £3 (£1.23/100g)
- 121g at Sainsburys for £1.50 (£1.23/100g)
- 121g at Iceland for £1.50 (£1.23/100g)

And so on, and so forth (there are another 20-odd entries at higher prices across all the online majors)

The wooden spoon prize for most expensive Maltesers:
- 121g for £2.09 at Asda (£1.72/100g)


Not really any cheaper than buying 3 x120g bags

Thanks for the effort you've put into this. It's saved me from doing the maths
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