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The Royle Family: The Complete Collection DVD £9.49 @ 365Games
Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec
All 25 episodes from the British sitcom written by and starring Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash. In the first series, we are introduced to the domestic conflicts of the Liverpudlian… Read more

R.I.P Caroline Aherne x


Barbara Royle: Well, I don’t care what anybody is – I don’t care whether they’re gay, straight or Australian. It’s what they’re like as a person that matters.


The original gogglebox


Comedy GOLD lol


I was looking at buying this last week but the red boxset available for about £14.99 is the full set

Any 10 (Blu-Ray & DVD) for £10 @ 365games
Refreshed 17th DecRefreshed 17th Dec
365Games are doing a combo offer where you can mix-n-match between 129 titles (Blu-Ray or DVD) to get 10 titles for £10 delivered. Some good ones in the list (of-course in the end… Read more
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Who cares who still buys movies on a physical media? If this was ps4 games would you say "who still buys ps4 games physically?" You can stream a lot of stuff online. You know what you can't stream much of? Classic 50s noir or 70s Italian horror. You don't get a consistent picture quality of digital. People who like watching a movie stream. People who love watching a movie buy it on bluray.


Thanks very much OP. Just ordered 10 to watch over Christmas. Heat added!


Thank you for letting us know. (y)


My parents, my aunts and uncles. Many people wear glasses and buying a full HD TV or BR player is a waste of time.


Not a bad little gift idea at all!

Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray £15.99 Delivered @ 365Games
Found 16th DecFound 16th Dec
Hard to come close to this price - closest I can find is £25.20 at Zoom (you could use 10% signup code) or otherwise HMV More from the Website Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ra… Read more
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brough earth 2 and blue planet 2 for £34 from amazon yesterday,if anyone wnats both


Essential for anyone even remotely interested in getting the most out of 4K HDR.


Shall I find you some more 'deals' ;)


Told you I loved Sir David (cheeky)


I was waiting for you to comment :D We have a connection here, eh ;)

Super Lucky's Tale Xbox One (£9.99 Delivered) @ 365Games
Found 16th DecFound 16th Dec
Looks like a good price for a fairly well reviewed game. More from the website: Welcome to Adventure! “Super Lucky’s Tale” is a delightful, playground platformer for all ages t… Read more
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Ordered thankyou


M glad it was of use.


Glad it helped.


Nice one - one more Xmas present sorted (y)


Ordered, thank you!

Frozen Planet (Blu-Ray Boxset) £3.99 (New & Delivered) @ 365games/Chalkys
Found 16th DecFound 16th Dec
Cracking price for an amazing series. The team behind the award-winning nature series PLANET EARTH and BLUE PLANET this time set their sights on the greatest wildernesses on Earth… Read more
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They have it https://www.chalkys.com/products/frozen-planet-the-complete-series-blu-ray-dvd-region2?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoK2m9_Sk3wIVoQvTCh0cOw39EAkYAyABEgLZ3PD_BwE - if you want to buy from them.


can't believe i missed this if i comes back somebody send me a pm


Done - was busy posting new deals and bringing in closest price links to folks - no intention to hog the limelight :)




Mate, it's been OOS for at least half hour. This needs expiring :)

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Fifa 19 ps3 @ 365games.co.uk - £23.99
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Fifa 19 on ps3. No psn card needed like ps4. With no pro evo 2019 available either you can keep up with your footy fix on ps3. Enjoy people
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I just checked. Gone up to over £50 now. Hopefully people bought early enough. Maybe it will go back down


but why


Offer finished?


Colds voters.... please tell me where its cheaper


I didnt know either. Last i got was fifa 13. Loved playing thag online then ig finished. Now should be back online

The Wire (Series 1-5) - Complete DVD Box Set - £37.52 Delivered (Use Code 'BESTFIT') @ 365Games
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Acclaimed HBO series THE WIRE centres on the drug culture of inner-city Baltimore. The show's storyline unfolds from the viewpoints of both the criminals ruling the streets and the… Read more

Epic series. However not sure on the price. Appreciate it is new but got the whole lot for about £10. Music Magpie often have good prices for each season if you don't mind second hand.


One of the best TV shows of the last 30 years and one of the best crime dramas of all time.



£15 used at CEX.


I agree with Yas, this price isn’t great for a dvd boxset, however, The Wire is truly one of the greats. Omar’s coming...........

Breaking Bad Blu-Ray Seasons (with UV Codes) £3.99 - £4.49 delivered each - £25.44 for the entire series @ 365games
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Season 1 - £4.49 Season 2 - £3.99 Season 3 - £3.99 Season 4 - £4.49 Season 5 (Part 1) - £3.99 Season 5 (Part 2) - £4.49 So £25.44 for the entire series.

Good deal regardless but I've seen that the UV codes have a use by date, so worth checking if the UV codes are important to you.

Fallout 76 PS4/XBox One/PC Game + Exclusive Pin Badge Set - £22.79 @ 365 Games
Refreshed 13th DecRefreshed 13th Dec
*Only PC version left now* https://www.365games.co.uk/pc-games/fallout-76-pc-game-plus-exclusive-pin-badge-set Use voucher code BESTFIT to get this price. Xbox One link... 365… Read more

The game is actually called The Elder Scrolls not "Skyrim". Skyrim is just the title of The Elder Scrolls 5.


BEWARE! The bag may contain bugs!


So if I wear those badges and play the game they put £23 in my account? Sweet. I'll give em my email address.


Still too expensive (lol)


Tbh I hardly hear other people talking, usually their keyboard clicks if anything. I'd probably enjoy the mums shouting at the kids... Bring some variety to the game

PlayStation VR Mega Pack £218.49 @ 365 Games (Using Code)
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Not bad, over £10 off the price all other retailers are selling the pack for :) Thanks to @Joebra for the code :)

Good price not for me tho :)




Heat 🔥 want one but too scared that newer generation will be released (annoyed)


Which one?


Its only missing the Move controllers but they are not needed for the majority of the games available.

F1 2018 Xbox One Game - £23.99 @ 365 Games
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
F1 2018 is the official videogame of the 2018 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Become immersed in the world of Formula 1 more than ever before when F1 2018 releases. Featuring … Read more

Looking for the best price on the Headline Edition if anyone can help?


Been playing on the PC for a good few months. Just picked up my 5th World Title lol on level 80 (Expert). Great game but the AI is laughable as always. Just a tip, turn the Safety Car option on it's fun stealing a free pit-stop :D


Anyone played it, is it any good?

Any 5 CDs from the selection for £6 delivered @ 365Games
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
I went for: Monty Python - Monty Python Sings Again CD 100 Hits - Dad CD Box Set Various Artists - I Love Summer CD Various Artists - Crazy Crazy Nights CD Various Artist… Read more
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Superb. Got lots of 3 Disc collections and should make 2 to 3 decent ones from the 5 I got so nice for £6


Must be Xmas time. No comment from someone questioning whether people still use CDs.


great ordered 10 lol


Crispy Duck (cheeky)


What’s a CD? (excited)

Pokemon go gotcha wristband £26.99 @ 365 Games
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Also it's a limited time offer
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Let them do it and lose all the revenue from those players. Spoofers etc probably put more money into the game than casual players.


They posted this a little while back and another article stating they're trying to put bans in place.


I've been using one every day since March with no issues whatsoever, I've also seen nothing, anywhere to suggest anyone will get banned for using one.


And what? Trying to be funny but clearly not


Wristband is 100 times better as it can autospin stops and catch Pokémon - However you will go through Pokéballs like they are pennies lol. Also you can charge the wristband.

Everest 4K UHD Blu-ray £4.99 @ 365 Games [Includes 4K Blu Ray & Digital Download]
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Well worth £4.99, we really enjoyed this although never seen it in 4K. It's been this price before and a few may have missed out at it at this price. Either way a good 4K movie for… Read more

Are 4K films usually really quiet when played just through the TV speakers? I just used the TV to check the 4K disc worked (with a 4K player). Will use better speakers when I properly watch the film. The sound was really quiet even after doubling the TV volume. Looked in settings but could not see anything which needed changing. Seemed a bit odd.


Not to mention much higher bit rate. Arguably, resolution is one of the least important factors of quality.


I’d say it’s more important to check individual reviews rather than a list of what is real 4K or not. Agreed it can be mis sold but the addition of HDR can be a big change


I'll just leave this here: Real or Fake 4K. Everest is fake 4K. https://4kmedia.org/real-or-fake-4k/ Yet another AV industry mis-selling scam. First fake HDR TVs with low contrast 8 bit panels, now this: fake 4K content that's been upscaled. I couldn't believe it when, after recently researching and buying a good 4K TV, I discovered this. Everest, like many movies produced in 3D, was in fact mastered via a 2K workflow. There is no 4K master of this film. You need to check this list carefully before shelling out for UHD discs. With this UHD release, you're getting something which, in resolution (i.e. definition) terms, is no better than a regular Bluray disc. The main advantage of the UHD release will be the addition of HDR. That is not to say that a 2K master cannot exceed a Bluray disc spec. Typically the master will be in 4:4:4 chroma rather than chroma subsampled to 4:2:0. So each pixel will have its own colour information rather than it being averaged across four pixels as is normally the case on Bluray and UHD discs. This encoding method exploits the fact that human retinas have more rod cells (luminance sensing) than cone cells (colour sensing). Consequently a UHD transfer cut from a 4:4:4 FHD master will have better colour definition than a simple upscale, in line with 4:2:0 chroma on UHD. Explanation here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/chroma-subsampling. The luminance data, arguably more important, will be mostly unchanged from the FHD Bluray (they may apply sharpening effects or other processing). Staggeringly, even a visually stunning recent film like Blade Runner 2049 was shot in camera at 3.4K with VFX and post prod done at 4K. These details can be checked on IMDB before you make a UHD purchase: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1856101/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec Older movies shot on 35mm film are generally ok as they can continue to be rescanned yielding enhancements up to around 4K. However beware some releases are upscales of the Bluray master scans and are not true 4K re-scans. Basically, high end modern TVs are so good now that the film industry is having to catch up. Most cinemas aren't even HDR capable, and are usually 2K digital projection: https://www.screendaily.com/features/the-resolution-war-is-cinema-falling-behind-home-entertainment-on-innovation/5124023.article


Thanks, ordered