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Nintendo Labo Toy Con £48.45 @ 365games
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Good price
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Reminds me of this 😁:


Value for money is a very personal thing... This comes in as about 10 hours build time per review - which is significantly longer than an equivalent priced lego set for example...


Says more about what your daydreaming tbf. (lol)


28 sheets of cardboard and some rubber bands. Bravo to Nintendo (lol)


I read that as Lady Boy con, surely, it's an obvious con?

Okami HD - Nintendo Switch (Cartridge) £32.99 - 365games.co.uk
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Okami HD for Switch was only released on cartridge in Japan, however the cartridge includes English and the Switch doesn't have region lock. While it is cheaper on Play-Asia, 365g… Read more

Game is defo not worth over £30 in this day and age


No, there are no current plans for it atm. Argos regularly have place-holder listings at that price


Old game, poor price.


£59.99????? That's some markup for the physical copy!


Is this not coming out in the UK? https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8087946

AO International Tennis for PS4 & Xbox One £23.99 Delivered @ 365 Games
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Get Deal link goes to the PS4 version & you can find Xbox HERE Cheapest price around by quite a margin, realise that when it was first released the reviews weren't great but… Read more
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I don't doubt that it's improved but my current backlog is that long think I can afford to hold out for now (lol)


Agreed, will try this at £10.....not a penny more


I'm guessing you never played Topspin 4 ?


It’s a decent game actually. It was dire when it was first released, but the developer has done a decent job in patching it up since then. Ideally they should have waited until the game was of a good standard before releasing it, but that goes for most games these days.


Hopefully the Top Spin series of games gets made backwards compatible on Xbox (cheeky)

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Rocket League Xbox One (Download code) £6.99 + 10% back in Player Points @ 365 Games
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
10% back in Player points = 69p, better than nothing :) Via download code / digital Winner or nominee of more than 100 game of the year awards, Rocket League is one of the most… Read more
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Tesco is probably a disc which could be resold, this is digital and will just stay with his account. The Tesco one may have some dlc included. But this is the better option IMO (y)


My son wants this. The actual game is £20 in Tesco. What’s the difference between that & downloading it?!


So do you have to wait for them to send you a code?


What a save!


You need xbox live to play online. This game is online only. Once out of gold, you can't play it. Gold is well worth it. Literally worth it's weight (embarrassed) .loads of good offers on here (y)

Alien: 6 Film Collection Blu-ray + UV =  £12.99 delivered @ 365games
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Looks a great price for all 6 alien movies on blu-ray and also includes the digital UV codes. Beats the recent Amazon/Zavvi deal by £3+ The Alien 6 Film Blu-ray Collection … Read more
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I have a voucher code for £15 off a £75 spend at 365games - I think it'll work with any account so if anyone wants it pm me, if it works maybe you'll buy me a pint or something :P


For those that are interested, Alien lists original version and directors cut. Aliens, Alien3 and Resurrection lists original and special edition versions (So I assume that is the Assembly cut for A3?) Prometheus and Covenant just have one version.


Fyi. Mine arrived and can confirm the online copies linked to Google play movies.


You just know there's an unemployed, dropehead, layabout loser that is looking (not being able to read) this post rubbing their grotty unwashed hands together, picking up their five year old un-refurbished iPhone, pushing the mic button and saying "cool story bro" as they are unable to spell it unassisted.


Ok. I've also bought the Quadrilogy (this year) cos **** Prometheus and Covenant.

Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox One / Xbox 360 Game Digital Download - £0.50 @ 365 Games
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Price drop on Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox 360 & Xbox One Game Digital Download - now just 50p, cheapest it's been. Kameo is a magical, epic adventure full of magnificent … Read more
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I was just about to ask that. I own the Mega drive version. Game is bat s**t crazy. I'm convinced it's just a massive ad for chupa chups


One of the first games I got on the 360 and if you don't own it on Rare Replay it's worth 50p of anybody's money. Good little game.


First game I ever had on 360... good memories....


If you watch Microsoft press conferences and presentations on the mixer app they do a thing called mixpot which gives you free games, dlc, skins for minecraft etc. I think it was e3 2017 that gave away rare replay.


I'm not sure if I'll play it, but at 50 pennies, (with 5 of them back as points), this is a cracking deal. Heat

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Better Call Saul (Season 1) Blu-Ray Steelbook £5.99 @ 365games
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Better Call Saul (Season 1) Blu-Ray Steelbook for £5.99. Comes with UV code too. Free delivery!
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I just recently had nearly a couple of weeks of near non-existent internet connection, which really showed up how much we've come to rely on it nowadays!


Not everyone likes to / wants to / or can live their life depending on internet for absolutely everything.


Cheaper to stream all seasons through netflix


The normal blu ray (non steelbook) has been a £1 in poundland for sometimefor those interested. Good price for the steelbook (y)


Its not breaking bad,but a fine show none the less heat added

BBC Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray - £13.99 Delivered at 365 Games
Refreshed 8th OctRefreshed 8th Oct
In my opinion, one of the best 4K titles to show off your 4K TV! Never been cheaper! Currently £24.99 on Amazon

Up to £15.99 now


In terms of direct comparisons, I was comparing the iTunes 4K HDR stream of Alien Covenant against the Blu-ray last night. The sharpness of the iTunes steam was significantly better, as you would expect, and general colour tones were too (WCG and HDR will no doubt help here). In terms of artefacts, there wasn't really anything noticeable on either - at normal viewing distances there would be nothing of any relevance at all. At the end of the day, both look very, very good. It's not the sharpness that swings it for the iTunes stream though, it's HDR, which is far more important to the overall picture quality.


My last TV was a Panasonic plasma St30 ha,


Well that is a coincidence! I have the same panel and yes the upscaling is excellent! Interestingily, I still I find the blu ray disc on my 1080p Panny plasma better quality than 4k netflix streams (dark room) than on the Sony (at closer distances) so I don't think it is that obvious. Both screens are isfc. Quality isn't only defined by resolution. Higher resolution with lower bitrates and no HDR doesn't always equate to better quality than a blu ray disc even with the narrower colour gamut. Just stating what I've observed for 1080p blu ray discs.


I have a Sony XE95 55in 4ktv which has one of the best upscaling on the market, I did say that I compared the 1080p disc against 4k Netflix and Netflix was obviously better, this was in reply to someone erroneously saying blu ray (which to me means 1080p) was better than 4k Netflix, later I found out they meant UHD discs (4k blu ray) were better than 4k Netflix (of course) It was a misunderstanding of terms.

Everest 4K UHD Blu Ray £4.99 delivered @ 365 games
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Cheapest it's been yet. In fact... Cheapest 4K Blu Ray yet? I can't remember seeing another one for under £5? That's only £1.25 per K! Edit: @Hiltron09 also spotted this deal, s… Read more
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Thanks for posting. Ordered. Have some heat !


Try this ONE.. fond memories of playing this when released but game nearly always crashed before reaching the summit, hopefully has been patched by now :) There was also a hack where you could give yourself everything to help you finish the game.


Can't believe they still have stock at £4.99 left. Must be a mountain of these sitting in the warehouse.


Great film, I watched in 3D/loud 5.1 last Christmas and found it an intense, harrowing experience. No.


Can I play this on PS4 Pro?

Flashback 25th Anniversary Limited Edition game on PlayStation 4 Pre-Order for £21.99 del @ 365games
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Released on 26/10/18 The 25th Anniversary Edition Includes: .Flashback Game PS4 .Lenticular Sleeve .A Retro-Style Instruction Booklet .Digitally Remastered Soundtrack .2 Conrad S… Read more
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It hooks up to mine (via the shared composite/component connector) :) Its neat you can still use a 30 year old machine on a modern TV although I forgot that with a lot of games you had to choose between sfx and music. Also I forgot how often computers crashed back then...


Wooooohoooooo :) I loved this game when it first came out and can't wait to play it again. Day one for me obviously



From that list, the only one that I really remember is body blow, SF knockoff. Also spent a lot of time play this game When the boulders fell on Kwame I could really feel them, who needs VR, (lol) Plus this level had the best music, matter of fact the whole game had good music, need to download it now , (lol)

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Xbox One Game @ 365Games + Free Delivery £5.09
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
I know this game has been cheaper but currently this is the cheapest price I can find it. Usually goes OOS fairly quick and i've been looking for it to be this sort of price before… Read more

I agree completely with you regarding your assessment of Arkham Knight and Catalyst. I enjoyed both of those games a lot. Regarding the X Enhanced stuff, it's important to distinguish between Back compat and XBox One games. As far as I know and from reading the Digital Foundry Analyses, and I might be wrong, MS never changed the actual game code and all enhancements, including 4K enhancements are only based on enhancements of the 360 emulator. For XBox One games this is obviously more difficult if games have a fixed resolution or lower res assets. Rocksteady and EA will not revisit the titles because revenue streams have already subsided.


Wrong. How do you think the original mirrors edge patch happened? By magic? It was achieved in cooperation with the publisher at the behest of Microsoft for the purpose of improving their platform offering. The problem is Microsoft don’t always know exactly what their fans want. Catalyst was reviewed unfairly, and released slightly too early to take advantage of pro and X and Arkham Knight undoubtedly sold poorly on Xbox One as the PS4 version was superior. They should revisit both games as a patch would be low effort and would encourage additional gamer interest. They’d benefit more than it’d cost


I LOVE the soundtrack to this game. Have listened to it countless times (despite being five hours long) while travelling, swimming, driving, walking, working. Its just incredible. By Solar Fields.


That's not up to Microsoft. It's dice and rocksteady. Considering that both games have a few years under their belt and as mirror's edge also didn't sell particularly well, I don't see any patches for the X coming out for these games.


One X patch please Microsoft! (Arkham Knight while yer at it too

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country (Nintendo Switch) £26.99 (using code FB10) @ 365 games
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
**USE CODE FB10 AT THE CHECKOUT FOR THE REDUCED PRICE** * Credit to @chrischris186 for the code Cheapest way to buy this so far and includes delivery unlike the Argos deal which… Read more
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If you dip out of the main story at ch7 and dive back in after, you will be disappointed with the base game performance and complexity I reckon. In technical terms, Torna is much better than the base game imo - the combos and mechanics are easier to work with and battles are a lot more brisk. Going back to base might be a touch jarring. Story wise, yes, it will help a bit, but there's something to be said about finishing the story and then seeing how Torna unfolds (albeit already knowing the outcome). It's a good 20 hours of solid play to finish Torna, with a few more hours to 100% it (super bosses etc). The 100% reward is quite nice though. For the person that was annoyed by base game characters; Torna has a LOT less boobs. So you're okay there. Re getting cheaper, unlikely imo. Expansion has been this price since launch.


I might do the tutorial on Torna and the that way the devs suggest! Cheers everyone. Liking the idea of better tutorial to get me into it.


It's better to play the original game upto chapter 7, then move over to Torna expansion, then return to finish the original game. I read somewhere that's how devs suggest playing it all.


I finished the base game a while back. But its hard to say for that reason, as I have already done it that way. its a prequel so its perfectly fine to start with torna. It just fills in a few gaps (addam) so you will understand the story a bit better in the main game. I found that the tutorial and combat was a lot better in torna making it easier for beginners to understand the battle system


I couldn't stand the characters, style and tone of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Is this one better for that, as in less Japanese kids show with boobs?

Injustice 2 Legendary Day One Edition + Steelbook (PS4) £33.49 @ 365Games.co.uk
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Seems to be the lowest price for the Legendary edition with a steelbook included. Has all DLC characters and skins. Comes with a Superman coin and additional codes. Quidco also av… Read more

Cheaper at Base now - £32.85


Lol. That would be a huge achievement if you could.


Can I get a pc with the spare £27.49?


£ 6 on PC.

Super Lucky's Tale Xbox One £8.99 delivered @ 365games  
Refreshed 19th OctRefreshed 19th Oct
Welcome to Adventure! “Super Lucky’s Tale” is a delightful, playground platformer for all ages that follows Lucky, the ever-optimistic, energetic, and lovable hero, on his quest to… Read more
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Great game, and a much needed distraction on an evening when you just want to turn lights down, chill-out and play without putting too much thought into it (y)


Cheers to whoever reactivated (y)


Gone up to £9.99 now.


No subscription needed to play this...but, as you're completely new to Xbox, you should check out 'game pass' (usually cheaper monthly deals going on cdkeys)...it will basically give your kids (you) access to loads of games at not additional cost...this game being one of them. Being new to Xbox you'd definitely get your monies worth out of gamepass...new and old games are on there for you to download.


No you don't. You only need an xbox live subscription if you want to play online or want the free games each month (y) . You should get a free trial with the xbox anyway if you wanted to try it out :)

Now £7.89. Dungeons III Extremely Evil Edition Xbox One delivered @ 365games
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Dungeons III Extremely Evil Edition Includes: Dungeons III, a unique Throne Room DLC, an original Dungeons Coaster and the Digital Soundtrack! At last, the Dungeon Lord has success… Read more
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For any fans of dungeon keeper GET THIS its EPIC EVIL GOODNESS (devil) (unicorn)


After your comment I took extra notice of Super Bunnyhop's video on Firewall Zero Hour (he liked it too).


I will get back to it at some point... when I am fed up with Firewall Zero Hour (i.e. never). (embarrassed)


I got 2 but read that this was not that good, I in the same boat a bit old and slow XD


This is actually a great game. I did not experience any bug at all. But in compare with the second one, this extremely difficult. I got stuck on mission where you are having basic creatures and enemy is fully upgraded and you have to be really quick in order to finish the level but I am old and slow... :(

Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle £89.99 @ 365Games
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Pre-order price from 365games for the Mario party bundle, game and joycons for £20 cheaper than they would be separately

Thanks just pre ordered mine there


Anyone know if base.com take payment once ordered or on dispatch day?


Just remember as a couple of people have said, this game is out 5th October and you won't be getting this bundle until 23rd November. That's a pretty long time after release


https://www.base.com/buy/product/super-mario-party-neon-green-neon-pink-joy-con-nintendo-switch/dgc-mariopjoycns.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwrZLdBRCmARIsAFBZllHpkdaaHZcUUws-RZ4syeVRZ0_OL34LmjO_viYrDswaUZ_z997QFisaAtO-EALw_wcB in stock here for £88.85


How when joy cons are like 60 and a game is over 40, what a ridiculous valuation

[Blu Ray] Planet of the Apes Evolution Collection - £8.54 - 365Games
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Thought this was decent at £1.22 a film. Use code listed above to drop the price in checkout :) Seven film box set includes: Planet of the Apes Beneath the Planet o… Read more

Agreed, never made sense to me either.


The Tim Burton one is my favourite oddly enough. Heat.


What is the order of these films, I'd watch them if I knew 😩


Oops. I always get those back-to-front. Surely Dawn should be before the Rise!


'Rise of..' is included, the 2 newer ones missing are 'Dawn of the..' and 'War for the..'

Wild Guns Reloaded (Nintendo Switch) with CODE £22.49 @ 365games
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
USE CODE Supermanithan SEP10 to get it this price (£24.99/code £22.49) (expires Thursday midnight 20 September) Please note: this is the NTSC version of the game which is compa… Read more

£19.96 from SA if download version is your bag


Not many reviews but all positive: https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/wild-guns-reloaded


how does it review?


I can see this holding its value.


Thanking you