38 Ariel PODS Original or Febreze Laundry washing capsules @ ASDA

38 Ariel PODS Original or Febreze Laundry washing capsules @ ASDA

Found 16th Jan 2015
Never seen cheaper! 38 pods for 3
In store,found in SALE isle
RRP £12.00
Ariel 3 in 1 PODS - cleans, lifts stains, brightens.
The first 3 compartments detergent for 3in1 power, it cleans deep down, lifts off stains and brightens
Each Ariel 3in1 pod is pre-dosed, so there's no need to measure and pour
Delivers the great performance of Ariel as low as 30° for most of your loads
One unit per wash (in soft to medium water and for light to medium soiled loads)
Box contains 38 washing capsules for £ 3!!
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please add actual price in title
got some today total barging at £3.00
£6 in my local

£6 in my local

and mine!!
Typical I just bought some last week from Asda for £6!
Which store?
£6 in mine
Bargain. I got some of these on a trial through a consumer group before they went on sale and was impressed - only reason I've never bought them is the price!
Strange one as I just Got 10 of each the colour and the normal ones and they were all went through at £6..each.

I am happy at that and think this must be a store glitch at £3 Ea.
i hope this is nation wide. shame its not online also.i hate it when Bulkbuyers go in and take 10 selfish peole. my local corner shops owner did this a while back when the larger packs were for a lower price, he then sold them in his store at an inflated price.
Saw them today at £6 a piece in my local Asda. Still a good price, though £3 would be an absolute bargain!
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