38" Wheeled Snow Plough - £71.98 @ CPC

38" Wheeled Snow Plough - £71.98 @ CPC

£71.98£89.9920%CPC Farnell Deals
Found 21st Jan 2018
Given the bad weather recently, this has been on my to buy list, normally ~£100 but a great product for clearing large areas quickly... now its reduced in price from CPC, free delivery.

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The shovel's not really very deep?
I reckon if you used a wheelie bin, or some other makeshift device it would work just as well.
Also, this looks like it would only work on a flat / paved driveway, not stones or any slightly uneven surface...
Great more junk for the shed you only use once every 3 years!
Terrible deal, you could get an electric snow thrower for that money. There are also snow ploughs that push the snow to side for about £20.
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Does seem a bit pricey for what it is
Very cold in here good job you got a snow plough

Need a House Robot like Shunt Shunt
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fair enough its not for everyone, but where i live i need it. those electric snow throwers are rubbish at that price.
loofer21 m ago

[Image] Need a House Robot like Shunt Shunt

That’s Matilda is it not?
Groovii.D2 m ago

That’s Matilda is it not?

It is. Tried uploading the gif that had all House robots but not sure how. It just captured this image
How does the Wheeled Snow Ploughman get to work?
This deal has gone colder than the snow this is designed to push
Poor sales pitch... now if they had put an 'i' infront of Plough it'd gone inferno
oh, and been able to bang another 50 on the price
I'm actually thinking that I have an old wheeled suitcase in my loft which is past its best and with a bit of adapting the frame , I could fix a shovel part on the front and make this . Being down south , I probably won't bother , only had an inch of snow again today .
£72 for this lol I bet aldi or someone will have one for a tenner
The thing is a beast! Build quality is pretty good too so I don’t think it’s going to break easily. Still cheapest price on the net!
Mwah ha ha. Who’s laughing now! Snow plow for the win
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