£3.89 - Adult Magic Clothes Tshirts Folder Organizer Flip Fold - memorycapital @ Amazon

£3.89 - Adult Magic Clothes Tshirts Folder Organizer Flip Fold - memorycapital @ Amazon

Found 7th Dec 2014
Adult magic clothes folding board, the fastest and easiest way to fold laundry for a perfectly organized wardrobe. All items are folded uniformly in the same size. The folding board keeps items wrinkle free so that they can be stored on shelf's. Clear step by step folding instructions are provided. The folding board is made from durable solid materials and has a two year guarantee. This is a low cost solution to all of your folding needs. Fold all your garments to a perfect uniform size (9" x 12") with ease. Features a series of ventilated panels to reduce static cling and pullback Less wrinkles, Less clutter...More Organized! It is all in the name, just: Magic clothes folder. It's that simple! Folding laundry will take less time, and you'll get perfectly folded laundry every time! The Magic clothes folder is the ultimate shirt and laundry folder. Use it on almost anything. It works on any shirt including long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, button down and collared shirts. Use the Magic clothes folder for folding your trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts-even towels and sheets! It's so easy that you can teach your three year old child to use it! And it has even been husband tested! You've probably seen it on TV, but now you can buy the Magic clothes folder from HOTcraze. The ultimate Folding Tool will help organize your clutter. Redo your messy closets and overstuffed drawers into the organised fashion you've always wanted. If you have a retail store and are looking for ways to keep your store neat without devoting hours to folding, the Magic clothes folder is exactly what you've been searching for. Any employee can use this lightweight and versatile folding tool and they'll have more time to focus on servicing your customers!


£9.15 now

Ordered Thank You op, I have been thinking of buying this for some time.

£6.57 for me.

Heat added, thanks for sharing OP!

OK I'll be the first to admit I need a life, but seriously a device to help fold your tee shirts....
(Watch Youtube - there is a way to do this without a template :p)

Erm, did you just join to post this?

Great for any Big Bang theory fans

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Erm, did you just join to post this?


It's a great device. Does provide a good fold!

No need to buy this frame Just take a look at Youtube and you will see several videos on how to do it without any frame.
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That's the longest selling pitch for an easily explained item. Must be cos they're not selling any, wonder why.... Prolly cos its solving a problem that doesn't exist

Use an annual sized book.

T-shirt down, annual ontop centered up to the neck, fold the edges in, fold the arms back/down and then fold the bottom up.

You can do this with a bit of cardboard. Lots of instructions on the web on how to make one. Or use a book as described above.
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