3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 - £23.85 at ShopTo.Net

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 - £23.85 at ShopTo.Net

Found 19th May 2010
Game just came out and I can't see it cheaper anywhere else.

Fantastic game if you like old school Zelda and FROM software references.


This game looks amazing.

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This game looks amazing.

If i'm going to be honest, I might wait it out, I have a feeling it will drop in price quite quickly.

I still have two weeks to wait till I can play games because of exams so you never know what might happen.

But for those that can't wait, this is hot!

its good, i paid 25.95 last week at shopto.. =(
but it is very ZELDA

I'll wait on this.

Cant remember the exact price but im sure i saw this was pretty cheap in ASDA the other day.

Heartbroken it is only on PS3. It looks quirky and fun.

Big zelda likeness (boomerang, speed boots, bosses)

But I like it even made my own avi as a character LOL

aye i was reading previews on gamespot said if copying is the biggest form of flattery consider this an engagement proposal to zelda, or words to that effect, but i mean what better game is there to copy really! it even has magic jars and the 20 max hearts for health i believe, sounds a bit easier than the original snes zeldas but i found them hard so might welcome that

all that said think ill wait, too much other stuff to be getting on with
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