3D Dot Game Heroes [PS3] £15 @ Asda instore

3D Dot Game Heroes [PS3] £15 @ Asda instore

Found 30th Oct 2010
I was in my local Asda today in Aintree in Liverpool and saw this. Should be £19 but is £15. I haven't seen it cheaper myself but if anyone has let me know. I don't know if this is store specific or not. Sorry for the bad picture quality my phone takes rubbish pictures.


Not sure why this is cold, seems like a good price for this game. Will have a look for it on monday.

Thanks OP, heat added.

Do want, wish I lived near an ASDA.

heat added

Ooh hot!

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I'll try and post bigger pics as it seems like you can only see a tiny pic on here.

Have not voted either way but it looks like one of those reduced red stickers - that said it could be store specific, nonetheless I shall go to my local Asda when I can and report back.

Frankly £19 for it is not bad either.

Happy gaming,

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Sorry about the wait, I was busy in work today :).



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