3DS Games on Sale at asda

3DS Games on Sale at asda

LocalFound 4th Feb 2013
3DS Games on sale at ASDA
Games include
Kingdom Hearts 3D £16.50
Resident Evil Revilations £14.50
Zelda Ocarina 3D £14.50
Cooking Mama 4 £12.50
Hollywood Crimes 3D £3.5
Rayman 3D £10
& Loads More
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Can I ask where these were found i.e. what store.
Will pop in on my way home and see whats about...I only wanted the new Paper Mario game.
Found these in the Halifax Store
Found These at Halifax Store
Zelda is quite good price, was pretty much every 3DS game on sale?
Thanks, will see what my local has. No idea why the cold voting, some decent prices there for new games.
Zelda is hard to find under £20 used!!
Did you notice if newer titles had any kind of reduction at all i.e. Mario Bros, Paper Mario etc. which are usually £32.97?
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no mario games on sale
spotted some more
art acadamy £12.50
pokemon rumble arena £14.50
resident evil mercenaries £14.50

will post if i find any more
Good shout on the games, hoping to get kingdom hearts 3D myself. Hope it's nationwide
last time someone posted a 3ds sales at asda thread I found that my local didn't have the good/most of them

I got kh: 3d a few weeks back from argos for £19.99 not opened it yet, got resi revelation for £24.99 4 weeks back, just last week got £3 refund as the price dropped to £21.99 the day after I bought it(had been meaning to go to argos earlier for the refund but kept putting it off) they have since reduced the price further to £19.99

zelda I've seen pre-owned for £19.99 in a store in town and have been tempted, if my local asda has it for £14.50 I'd get it(tho I doubt it as not seen zelda in my local store at any price.
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deals are store specific, like the deal I posted a few days ago and yes KH is £20 at argos with £14 trade in at game
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Mercenaries isnt worth a fiver but the rest might be worth a look...

deals are store specific, like the deal I posted a few days ago and yes … deals are store specific, like the deal I posted a few days ago and yes KH is £20 at aehos with £14 trade in at game

Good prices for Zelda and Revelations.
Shame I'm too lazy to walk and too poor to drive to asda to check. I also know my luck for finding these deals.
Didn't see any in my local
Nothing in mine either.....
Nothing 3DS wise at mine, did pick up Lollipop chainsaw for a tenner though for the 360.
Not a very big selection of 3ds games at my Asda. They had dead or alive and steel diver for 15£ and then some trash.

They had mgs3 pre owned for 15£ too.
Driver renegade 3d - £7
Crush 3d - £10
Puzzler world 2012 3d - £15
In Asda now and as expected the ones i'm after(or any of the good ones) aren't at my local store.
None of these to be found in the Southampton store
Greenhithe bluewater has some!!! Just got kingdom hearts cheap 16.50 back to game I got for a 30 rebate thanks OP!!!!
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