3DS Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed £7.99 used or £11.99 new @ GraingerGames

3DS Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed £7.99 used or £11.99 new @ GraingerGames

Found 21st Jun 2016
Racing with Sonic, Tails, Dr Robotnik and co, even Alex Kidd is in this game! If you fancy a change of scene from Mario Kart?

* Free Delivery.

Either way £7.99 used or £11.99 new are both great prices. Next cheapest option I can find for a new copy is £14.95 @ Coolshop.
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You might as well just save yourself £4 and buy the used one as the chances of you getting a new copy that's sealed from Grainger Games is slim to zero!
I ordered the used game and got this 10% of code:

As a thank you please find a voucher code for 10% off your next pre-owned purchase* below.
This expires on Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
Your voucher code is: YKCYRN8OW4Q5TTTCO4WW

Dunno if it is specific to my account or not, but someone can give it a try.
Good price but as already stated buy a pre owned copy you'll practically never get a sealed copy if you order new
Great game, esp on PC, but this is pants on 3DS. Plays jerky and slow.
I got this on the 3DS for like £7.50 and it's OK. It crashes a lot. The Wii U version is better, but still poor graphically. SEGA didn't put much effort in.
Yeah. I do love this game but it's an ambitious fit on the 3DS. Kudos to Sumo digital for attempting to shoehorn the whole thing in unchanged but the frame rate does really tank on this version, making it often pretty unplayable.
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